Email required Address never made public. If you are being stationed there please considering volunteering some of your free time to help them out. You are commenting using your Twitter account. So this relieves my anxiety. I am currently at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. If you are passing through it is a great place to hang out, watch a movie in the theater, use the phones for FREE, check email and play a video game. It is a very, very large base with many options if you know where to start looking.

I help build the TMC up from rags to almost riches. God bless and keep you! Thank you for the information…. I went to a reception they had: After making us wait around for an hour for no reason, the bus took us straight up to Camp Buehring. They train folks who are moving on to IRaq. It takes great courage and Strength to do what You all do! Here is a map not to scale of Camp Buehring.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I would encourage you to get out and do something, it makes the time go by a lot faster. Thank you, and God Bless. His time there was temporary too.

My brother just arrived there and it is nice to have visual of where he is. Nice to hear and see some pics of where you all spend your time.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is pure, sandy desert out here. Home Acting Secretary Patrick M. The 18th anniversary of the Gheater of Kuwait. It takes great courage and Strength to do what You all do! This site uses cookies. Keerstin Beitter, deputy chief of the 49th Theater Gateway and officer-in-charge of the Camp Buehring gateway, spoke about the theater and her responsibilities.


DVIDS – News – Theater Gateway Now Open at Camp Buehring

I help build the TMC up from rags to almost riches. Notifications See All Notifications. Although, he mrw back and forth between Kuwait and the danger zones, this does ease my mind a bit. Thank you for the info. Is it still standing? Camp Buehring is the central place where all troops come before deployment to Iraq. The larger generators roar. Redeploying troops will continue to go through Arifjan in order to undergo customs out-processing.

So this relieves my anxiety. You just need a letter from your CO to do this. They offer classes and it is a great way to work out some of the stress.

Movie Theater

The Theater Gateway at Camp Buehring expects to receive over 20, personnel over the next several months. Wish all the best of luck and speedy return. There is a permanent party at Buehring, however. Here are pictures of the tent: Thank you for your courage and commitment and God be with all of you throughout your deployment. The tent holds about 14 guys, and is very crowded. The most popular arifian that day was At Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

USO Camp Buehring • USO Kuwait

Thanks for the pics. Notify me of new comments via email. The father is very traditional barely acknoledged our existance but the mother is so nice. You are commenting using your WordPress. They train folks who are moving on to IRaq.


It is not a bad place to be considering the other options out there. We are in the northwest corner of the country. My brother Just landed at camp buehring Saturday. I will admit that I have been very emotional since he left us and part of my anxiety is worry over what conditions he is living under.

It is nice to have some information as to where my son is.

Zombie flick marks veteran success story for entertainers visiting Camp Arifjan

Thinking of all of you every day. Fifty light sets were placed in order to properly illuminate the billeting areas and water points and porta-johns were brought to accommodate our large throughput. My husband just arrived at Camp Buehring last week.

All electricity is generated here, and the first thing I noticed upon arrival was the constant hum of the generators. Best of luck to ,ovie too!

We just got married in Aug and he has been gone since sep training before he arrives over there. Does anyone spend their whole time at that camp or do they move them out soon after. Here is a map not to scale of Camp Buehring.

Or login with Facebook. The MWR has a great gym behind the main defac that is would rival any stateside gym.