I have to change inputs and then back again to get the sound to return to both left and right. Peter Tork Monkees Bassists Has Couple that with a DSD-compatible digital-to-analog converter DAC and robust amplifier that handily delivers 2 x watts into 8 ohms and you have an all-around winning piece of audio gear that must be heard to be appreciated. I see it as a good way to get quality products for a lower price but the fact that I’m not the original owner kind of scares me. That is why I asked. In the future we will see 4K scaler like onkyo and more bells and whistles

My main interest is in sound quality but I don’t have enough expendable cash to be able to afford upper tier gear. Despite the general chaos of the scene, the dialog remained intelligible and precise. They have been good to listen to and served me pretty well in my current HT speaker setup. The processor not only holds the line with five-star ratings across the board—except in Value, where it nets a still honorable 4. Had to sell it long story. Originally Posted by gbaby. Yeah, I almost bought a Cary 11a Dan.

Page 13 of So we have a seven-channel processor and a beast of a antyem amplifier; what’s with all the two-channel stuff you ask?

I’m using an 11a. I didn’t even realize that you were quoting me until I read this for like the fourth time today lol. JuneRead Full Review. X decoding, support for Cxry 2. So far everything is ok.

I don’t have a Cary dealer located close by, so I finema actually heard it first hand. The Foundation made me want to sit and listen. We get a few bucks here and there, which helps us create more and more top-level reviews and content for you to enjoy on all of our sites! What would you recommend?


My question is, is this a fair price for this product? Sorry to hear about the issues, are you the only member that has experience this issue? X decoding, and pristine sound.

Yes DVD’s are fine, stereo tv is fine, even 7. Anthem is a very well reputed product for HT. Its all a moot point though as I bought the Krell Foundation and absolutely loved it. The Cinema 12 did an exemplary job of conveying the playfulness of the strings in this composition. I have had the processor for about 5 years.

I can only assume the unit is muting any pops or crackles but it should be able to ‘unmute’ so quickly that the listener doesn’t notice.

Anthem or Cary Audio

You lose the first xinema seconds when you go to a new track, which is a slight annoyance, but the sound is so good after that you soon forget this and sit back and enjoy the sound. Any audiophile will tell you that these discs are highly coveted; a quick search on eBay will validate this.

Not sure if mix-match will be a good idea. I would love to hear one. I’ve seen and heard Bala’s set upand it is good. As it happens it’s always only the right speaker that works the left is dead during this timethough I’m not sure you can read anything into that We’ve tried to hit all the product categories and price points.

Neither player exhibits thumps when playing a CD. The sound quality for both music adio movies are incredibly smooth yet detailed. I do not have any issue with pops and strange sounds that others seem to have.


Since moving in I am very happy with the system and have not even considered looking at alternatives. What I’d heard earlier with Elton’s voice was present again, with every nuance brilliantly conveyed.

AV Preamplifier Reviews: Cary Audio Design Cinema 12 HD Surround Sound Processor Reviewed

I ended up listening to this track several times, hearing different layers in the music each time. NovemberRead Full Review. I see it as a good way to get quality products for a lower price but the fact that I’m not the original owner kind of scares me. I hear a loud thump. I made the statement in my Cinema 11a review back in March of that “It’s the best sounding, most musical home theater processor I’ve auditioned yet.

The time now is Follow the link to find out. The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Results 1 to 8 of 8.

I have to change inputs and then back again to get the sound to return to both left and right. I doubt Cary will find a fix soon. X configurations are limited to 5. This was my third time watching this film, yet I’d never heard it sound this raw and intense. Among them are high-resolution audio compatibility, an band parametric EQ, and the fascinating Dirac Live room-correction system. And Anthem A5 and Cary Audio Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating.