Only the author Juan Ignacio Blanco and a select few others have seen it. Updated on Jul 24, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I wish we knew. According to a statement by Miguel Ricart, the only person heretofore charged regarding the event, when arriving at Coolor, Antonio Angles told Ricart to continue driving. A lot of kidnappings towards women have been correlated with sex trafficking and considering the “supposed” involvement of drug criminals like Ricart and Angles alongside being set in a major sex trafficking nation, these girls could’ve definitely been a victim of sex trafficking gone wrong.

Juan Ignacio Blanco and Fernando Garcia have spoken about it the former much more than the latter and claim that there are a host of issues about releasing it to the public; namely, backlash from Rosa Folch, Desiree’s mother who has been a vocal critic of the two beforehand, even suing Blanco for his book about the case I’ll have to try and check that out. Yeah, this was one of those stories that I originally planned to make a single episode out of. Posters were published in various languages throughout Spain and abroad. So beware Googling certain links, as you might not like what you find. Angles then pulled a Star Model BM gun and hit the girls with the butt, which broke some of their teeth. Antonio Angles was not at home when the Civil Guard police appeared in search of his brother Enrique. But the more I read, that quickly became a two-part series.

After all sorts of atrocities alcasser+ssnuff humiliations that left the girls with various injuries and bruises, the attackers slept until morning, ignoring the cries and screams of the dying girls. I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Three months after that, on April 8th, the body of Francisco was found m away from the cabin. I mean it seems like all 3 aren’t guilty.

There’s so many people that want to link this with satanic rituals. Miguel Ricart is the only person heretofore charged regarding the event.

AlcĂ sser Girls

He had gained access to the police files in Fall ofand had since appeared on television programs decrying the investigation for being inept and poor. You did mention the snuff film and this is honestly one of the most puzzling factors of this whole case. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. They headed to a crumbling abandoned house near a place known as La Romanain a very isolated and mountainous area close to the Tous dam.


The girls thus resorted xaso hitchhikingas they had done the previous summer. The initial uncertainty of the girls’ whereabouts and the increasing fear about the nocturnal alcassr+snuff facing teenagers added to the sense of unease.

So beware Googling certain links, as you might not like what you find. So no the hairs where not from the officers. Hugo van den Berg. If I had to guess, it would be with pre technology as that was when the trial started, and not much has been done with the evidence since. So make of that what you will.

The Discovery Part Two: The killers picked up the spent cases and cleaned the car. On January 14th, they took a bus to Catadau and apparently nobody saw them alive again. From the moment the girls were reported missingan intensive search was conducted to try to find them.

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The case was also very relevant due to a highly criticized investigation full of mistakes and gaps. Afterwards, they went to Alcasser+snufff in search of some food, after which they raped the third girl two hours later. The event also marked a turning point in Spanish mass media, which quickly focused on the anguish and suffering of the girls’ families and the local people.

Could be a fake, but the other possibility is that the police are too hesitant to admit it’s real. PS JiB has cancer: The case has become notorious in Spain due to the extreme brutality of the crimes, the highly criticized police investigation, and the resulting publicity.


He had run away from prison in March of – eight months before the girls were murdered – and hadn’t been seen since. Miguel would later stand trial for the crimes in after four years in custodybut not before the spokesman for the three families – Fernando Garcia – plead with the courts to delay the trial.

The case was built entirely upon theoretical evidence and Miguel’s various confessions. Ignacio Blanco even wrote a book about the case, which was banned from Spain just two months after its publication. However, it is worth noting that the beginning of the investigation was quickly maligned by the media and other forensic experts for cutting corners. I have a lot of sources of this case and more cases, bit the links are in spanish, the webs are lawebdelassombras.

He was the one who had originally petitioned for the trial to be delay, because he discovered smears of blood alcasser+snuf semen on the carpet in which the girls were buried.

It is a mountainous area with low elevations but rugged terrain and somewhat sparsely populated. It is often cited as the nadir of trash TV in Spain, in which anything went in the name allcasser+snuff morbidity and high audience rates.

I want to believe Blanco on it but im surprised, that in the age of the Internet he’s yet to find a proper way to realize the film. Anyhow, I agree; the allegations regarding the snuff video not only caught my curiosity, it ensnared it.

Thanks for the recommendation! I wish we knew. DNA testing would definitely point to multiple assailants, while the older microscopic analysis has been discredited. Want to add to the discussion?