At the suggestion of Tuvok, Janeway decides to divide all command codes between herself and him, believing the entity can only possess one of them at a time. Needless to say, it was a remarkable procedure. I don’t know if that’ll work, Captain. And that’s not all. Doctor, I can assure you, not even an alien intruder could make me do anything to hurt Kes. There is another matter of some concern. Edit Details Official Sites:

Why not just plotting course using one of the panel you can easily acces by posses someone. Close search Search this site. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Ensign Parsons ordered his pejuta cold. Was this review helpful to you? William B Thu, Aug 31, , 3:

However, having one of them be Chakotay was problematic for the reasons everyone already stated. The second time it was distracting. Janeway decides to divide the command codes and give half to Tuvok, but a bizarre scene in which the alien begins seizing the minds of any bridge officer it encounters and then specifically attacking Tuvok hints that he may be the key to part of the mystery.

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It might be enough to illuminate any anomalous energy. It’s like sensing some kind of presence, as if someone else were here. Yes No Report this. I agree with Skeptical.

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Tuvok phasered the entire voyagrr crew, but still let them all wake up and go back to their stations and so on. Just like a good mystery should. The setting is ancient England. I feel Commander Chakotay and I are fortunate to be alive. So, she decides to divide her codes between herself and Tuvok, assuming they could not both be possessed at once.


We just changed course again. Full Cast and Crew.

It was similar to the attack on the shuttlecraft. Views Read Edit View history. A few genuinely entertaining scenes completely overshadowed by shoddy direction, mundane plotting, and a downright silly premise.

In three separate instances now, it’s assaulted you. I ran a forensic sweep of the navigational control. Since when could a phaser split and take out an entire room full of people and auto aim at each of them no less? Overall, I still liked the episode for its classic ST themes anomalies, crew members acting strange, feeling threatened by an alien force, etc.

We could search the ship centimetre by centimetre, but that wouldn’t do much good. Do you feel up to it?

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Maybe, but I don’t think it’s paranoia voyagdr keeping me from picking up this ion trail of yours. Perhaps it would have been more interesting if the crew knew there were two ghosts, and had to guess which one was which and which one was worth helping. And I thought Harry Kim had a particularly dumb line ” I don’t know, but if I’m to have any hope of reviving him, I must know precisely how his neurons were depleted.

For one minute forty seven seconds, a different memory pattern appeared. Unfortunately, it just didn’t seem to be executed very well. Stay where you are, Mister Kim. Yanks Thu, Mar 31, What’s more, it seems to have the ability to jump from person to person.


One possible explanation, and the only one I vkyager think of at the moment, is that an unknown alien entity momentarily took control of their minds. Lt Durst is assigned to escort him. Make a ship-wide announcement before you initiate the scan.

Lieutenant Tom Paris Ethan Phillips As you can see, their flight path is highly erratic. The only thing these injuries come close to resembling is an extreme trauma to the trapezius nerve bundle.

And that’s not all.

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Captain, I heard what’s happened. I’ll be sure to be prompt. This will acthexis take a minute. The entire problem could have been solved if Chakotay simply inhabited himself and explained the issue. Kes is reading a book. I’ve not been much of a father to them, and God knows I can’t be a mother.

Paris has no memory of doing anything, so Janeway has him sent to sickbay to have his brain checked. When I did watch it in it’s entirety I wasn’t all that disappointed. Your telepathic senses again. Thu, Mar 31,4: The energy discharge overloaded the shuttlecraft’s episoee computer core.