Candi-Rose is annoyed with Chloe when she shares an embarrassing photo between the young people and when Sasha finds Jody’s ticket for the ballet, she confront her and Jody admits she has been seeing her mum outside of contact and pretending she lives at home for Grant. The next day, the girls pack up their things, however, Steven changes his mind when Candi-Rose tracks down Julia, choosing to trust the young people rather than his study. Sam decides to stick with care work and Jay ties a school tie to the gates. Posted by chocchip 5 Jan Lily, Tee, Frank, Liam, Bailey, Tony and Billie arrive for Mike’s wedding, but Fiona decides not to go ahead, believing it is payback for rejecting Mike when they were younger. Chloe wants to know the gender of May-Li’s baby to buy a gift, which May-Li and her wife, Alice, want to keep a surprise.

Ryan denies seeing the watch when Mike and May-Li tell him it has not been recovered and Candi-Rose’s video of Ryan stopping the thief goes viral and he is also invited to be interviewed on TV. Retrieved 8 January Jay and Bird’s day off. Charlie agrees to help Finn organise Alex a birthday party after little interest from the other young people At lunch, Alex is furious to learn that Finn is planning a birthday, which hurts Finn as he takes his remarks personally. As they attempt to kiss again, Tyler is forced to hide when Mike knocks on the door and Jody and Tyler try to work out how to be boyfriend and girlfriend. After failing to supervise the younger ones, where Taz breaks a picture with a football, Mike grounds Sasha, so she is unable to go to a gig the following day. Ryan the good elf?

Floss copies Seies style and accent and at the boxing gym, Jody is initially unenthusiastic, but soon takes to it. Posted by Boo 14 Jan 9: Joseph goes missing at John and Jacinda’s, but Finn finds him in their shed and realises Joseph is unhappy, but will not admit it due to the fear of hurting John and Jacinda, but later reveals his true feelings. Groujd Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It has them thinking there is even more to this mystery — if only they could work together to solve it. When Candi-Rose guesses that Mike is going to propose to Fiona that night, Charlie decides not to tell. Posted by leahb 26 Dec Jenny then asks Sasha about what she will do for money, but Sasha refuses to answer.


When Finn and Joseph try to figure out why May-Li eats coal, Ryan recalls that his mum ate coal when she was pregnant with Chloe.

After the young people and Tracy fail to find Mike around The Dumping Ground, so Tracy plans to search for Mike with the help of the young people before Fiona’s arrival, but Fiona arrives early, so Tracy delegates tasks.

After watching Ryan scam Floss, Charlie asks Ryan for advice in exchange for chores and during their day out, Jay gets excited when they find a shop selling collectable toy cars that he and Bird used to have.

Charlie finds out from May-Li that her granddad passed away that morning after being poorly during the night and Charlie does not seres to tell Mike on his wedding day. When Tyler orders the theme park trip to be reinstated to end the chaos, Mike crosses off future plans off the calendar and Alex rejects Finn’s offer of help. Jenny then asks Sasha about where she will live when she has left care as she knows Sasha chose not to live with her mum, asking groundd she wants to live independently.

Tyler is further shocked when Sally reveals she and Kamal are getting married in Las Vegas as Bird decides to stand up for himself, so decides to do a game where if he wins, he does no jobs or if the young people win, he does double; Floss wins round one as Chloe wins round two.

When Graybridge arrive, Mike is shocked to see Fiona Johnson, a woman he once knew, who is acting careworker at Graybridge, but is a regional manager and she introduces the Graybridge young people to The Dumping Ground young people.

Team work makes the dream work.

Henry later discusses with everyone what Charlie was like when she was younger and that she believed babies came from plssticine when she wanted siblings, but the young people have fulfilled her wish. When Jenny is out of the room, Sasha pours water over her documents and then wants to film her reaction, but Jenny ccbbc the phone.

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Retrieved 30 July When John and Jacinda arrive, they give Joseph sneam clothes that are not his style, viewed as out of fashion by the others, and the young people question John and before they leave, John plays football with the young people that Joseph pretends to like. Yousef Naseer as Joseph Stubbs.


Tracy Beaker is back!

Sasha also admits she misses Josh and feels like she is the same person she was when she arrived and her anger messes things up. Henry reassures Charlie is he is fine at the home and they still have time and during the pitch, Floss is unhappy that Ross pitches her idea.

Jody’s got a dilemma. Sasha insists she does not need a pathway plan as she knows seeies she wants to do, but tells her vlog viewers the meeting will not last long.

Finn overhears Alex telling May-Li he does not want to celebrate his birthday. Candi-Rose and Bird secretly arrange to meet by using the chessboard, but they are warned away from each other, despite their being no cameras, however, it turns out Floss and Jay were recruited by Steven. All The Worst Witch.

The Dumping Ground

Posted by Minizumbaturtle 9 Jan When Sasha blasts Ryan for his selfish attitude, he goes around the house and secretly helps people, so the young people form a plan to find out who it is helping. Back at the cave, Tyler thinks he has bipolar and Ryan winds Jody up about Tyler not liking her. Retrieved 17 December Bird agrees to take on jobs for the young people and Taz decides to enter a science competition alongside Joseph.

Fake It to Make It. Can you complete these tricky Dumping Ground puzzles? Sasha is grounded again when Taz breaks a picture again with the football. Sasha rubbishes Jenny’s belief that she is scared and tells Jenny her interests. Jody is unimpressed about having to wear a dress and heels for Denise to join Grant for a ballet show and when Grant tells Jody he wants him, her and Denise to be a family, Jody runs off.

The Dumping Ground game: Dumping Ground Island Part 2.