Both of them seems unrealistic]. It turns out to be someone with the same name with her.. Like how the drama goes fck. There was always some flaw that let each character be imperfect and utterly realistic; they were selfish, they were lazy, they were jealous of someone else. But I have prepared for my current choice]. Things become even more strange when she starts to see how he has been secretly helping her through his own questionable methods. Korean, English, whatever haha.

On the way to her family, Seol tells him that her family and Bora also come.. Seol graduated and lost contact with Inho sadly. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Left a bitter taste. Seol is hardworking to a fault, a little bit awkward, and sometimes a pushover but she starts to find her voice as the drama progresses and speaks out against the people using her. In Ha is remarkably immature.

I used to read it on your ig but then life get in a way and luckily I remembered to bookmark your blog XD hahahaha Finally, it ends!!!!

Cheese in the Trap – Wikipedia

March 30, June 4, Email required Address never made public. I could understand that being able to behave like Jung is really a tempting idea lol being cunning and a smartass as he is.

Though I believe people who are genuine and kind are still out there so they can soon replace those negative people in our life haha hopefully. Or in Indonesian line webtoon. Seol narrates that she believes cueese Inho is doing well somewhere. Yoo Jung, a sunbae in her department who is wealthy, handsome, and charitable to everyone.

This quality is something Jung seems to envy. When I first began watching Cheese in the Trap I was convinced this was going to be my favorite drama of But did they ever talk abt what exactly happened that night after jung cried?


She also mentions that Mona is preparing her wedding. My love for CITT is bigger than what I have for my boyfie, my family, even myself im just kidding everyone please dont hurt me. Seo Kang Joon was charming as always and it seems like this could be his breakout role to land him bigger leads.

Performance wise, most of the actors and actresses of Cheese in the Trap did great. She finally graduates today. You are commenting using your WordPress. I cant seem to find a full translation of it and it seems to tie some loose ends.

Or at least I can predict the big picture of the ending. Seol is much more………………. Cheese in the Trap Drama Review Kdrama korean entertainment. I say Jung would be a perfect partner for Light. He says hi to her while smiling, opening his arm wide. Thank you so much for the summaries. This drama had everything going for it: I am not able to find the chapters from You have to pay for that.

And i start to read the webtoon english version but its only updated to season 3 at the moment. You are commenting using your Twitter account. They still ended up together.

And the ending really breakkkk my heart. Seol had discovered his darker side and felt his malice towards her because of this. In Ho is a piano prodigy that lives a rough life after dropping out of high school but has the ability to form strong lasting bonds with the people around him.


Seol is indeed quite mature for her age and the way she hates and avoids conflict is really similar to Jung.

Drama Review: Cheese in the Trap

Both of them seems unrealistic]. On the other hand, the next, door ahjussi greets TA Heo awkwardly. It turns out to be someone with the same name with her. This site uses cookies. Like how the drama goes fck.

“Cheese in the Trap” Drama Staff Apologizes to Original Webtoon Author and Fans

He drove his opponents to the cliff and let them fall rrap their lpot by themselves. Then there are imaginary scenes where Jung appears in front of her in the shadow, seems scary. Lee Sung Kyung was a bit over the top with her portrayal of Baek In Ha who is admittedly pretty crazy but I think this eventually worked to her advantage because her serious scenes felt all the more poignant. Thank you so much for the amazing summary … I watched the drama this year.

Both warn Seol away from Jung: Joon and Ahyoung send their congratulation msg through video call. Left a bitter taste. I actually have the same thaughts as you and I really like Jung character because some how it feels that the bad ones had a well deserved punishment. Skip to content September 6, The rough-around-the-edges but secretly a good guy persona of In Ho really suited him and his youthfulness.