Maybe there were ties of loyalty rather than love. He purposely maybe trying to keep distance from that stigma. That doesn’t say she was obliged to accept the offer, of course. He catches up to her on the sidewalk, and notices the stains on her cheek. Do you think these girls will be viewed as wife material after being passed around rich men? Seung-jo is the mad hatter!

And if the magic of Cheondamdong is in its power of illusion, then it needs fuel to stoke the fires of people’s imagination. She should have been prepared for that. He wants to know who distributed the faulty products and they tell him that So In-chan has been missing for two days. Yoon Joo tells Se Kyung to make that secretary her helper. Se Kyung promises to tell Ah Jung next time. Tommy gets a call that In Hwa is headed to a meeting at Artemis and Yoon Joo reveals that the meeting was supposed to be attended by Min Hyuk.

I really appreciate the complexity of this drama as it never tires out my brain while watching. I just thought that, its good that we can see how strong of a vheongdamdong SK is that she is really someone SJ need as life partner.

It reminds me of multiple personality disorder, except all personalities conscious about the other personalities.

Honey, you are not Edmond Dantes. So that is who the Queen of Hearts must be. They are making a mountain out of a mole hill which is just frustrating, especially In hwa…really girl, cool your horse. Tommy takes note of her class, and offers to introduce her to some of the guests. At the same time, Yoon-joo is with her brother, worried about what In-hwa may know and why she contacted Cha Il-nam.

The latest episode 13 left me speechless. Seung Jo warns her again not to say anything, to pretend that nothing happened. I haven’t been super excited about any shows this year since Padam Padam so many months ago so I’ve been reading a lot of recaps but not really watching anything. If I went to network and someone called me a prostitute, I would at least wish I had thrown a drink in his face.


Suddenly he gets a bright idea, and tells Secretary Moon to listen carefully…. But not enough has been revealed yet. PTSD for a bad break up? She is actually grateful Yoon Joo interrupted her plan to send the video to her brother.

Se Kyung quietly says yes. She should have been prepared for that. He hears noises from the kitchen and walks out to find Se Kyung has prepared breakfast for him.

Her instinct said Se-kyung wasn’t ready for this, but Se-kyung koalq saying she was and acting like she was.

Updates: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10

Its kinda all out there. As they are driving, Se Kyung has questions about the President and since Seung Alic knows him so well, he can answer for the President. Oooh — though vague, her words suggest that she may be falling for him. My point is – fashion, money allce power includes a LOT of This is the crux of the problem — the characters running circles around a feint where the central problem is something else altogether.

He meets with In Hwa for the meeting and apologizes for any discomfort caused by their failed marriage prospect. ErmI assure you there are.

I wonder how much of all his sheningans are purposeful. However, from what I see is that she is still the same, she is still dedicated, hard working, uses her effort, determined and oddly enough genuine.

Se Kyung worries that its inappropriate especially after what happened today. I started to but it’s a little too weird sometimes. But let us remember he’d done it in a moment of retaliation. How do you know?

Now I have to see where its going! She has been pretty miserable because of life circumstance since the begining and its nice seeing Seung Jo help her smile, joke, and have fun!

Yoon Joo tells Se Kyung that she was recommended to a place that needed an insider to get her in. Its so adorable to finally see the cute side come out Se Kyung.


She hangs up so they can eat. I feel like a broken record as I have said the same thing every week bout him and every week, there is still not a hint of progress.

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Se Kyung says she did it, there cheongdaamdong nothing else cheongramdong her to worry about anymore. I’m wondering if Tommy Hong has it in him to be a vengeful villain. He cries and cries in the car. Tommy reads a fax and asks In Hwa — how about the son of Royal Group. She refuses to think about failure because when it arrives there is nothing she can do about it.

Appreciate the comment cheondgamdong you sounded so dissapointed. And I am very very glad that Seung-jo’s Secretary Kim pretence is holding up – because unless Se-kyung falls in love with the poor secretary, we’ll never be sure she really does love him, and not his money and station.

Well aside from PSH those are may favourite parts of the show when that song starts: I even forgot its new episode already aired this week. Se Kyung begs to differ, begging will only make In Hwa want to crush them more.

Se Kyung smiles and files that away. In Hwa then sends the same video to Seung Jo, who is currently pacing in the waiting room while Se Kyung alkce on the wedding dress.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 Recap

Seung Jo cluelessly is fine with it and raises his hand for a high five. Skip to primary content. She is just being herself.

SK needs to come clean, SJ still needs maturity. Oh man the first time I was desperate enough to watch a whole episode raw to get my fix!