Ooooh, shit is going to go down! In-hwa showed her elitism in the beginning when she said Se-kyung was never going to make it in the fashion business because her family was poor. He only saw her back. Is Seung Jo schizophrenic? Shallow people should be together. Constantly trying to hide information just feels like retrograde movement in a story. A bag to match anything is only for someone who can afford to buy only one designer product in her life. Se Kyung meets with Dong Wook, who congratulates her on the upcoming marriage.

Sometimes even those of the highest rank were from a poor family. How will Se Kyung show her true self later to Seung Jo.. Even more convinced after the next episode. Jealousy turns into envy which eats at her very core fanning the fuming rage inside her. Love it when nothing turns out for her. She is pissed that Daddy Cha was in on the tricking as well. She does have a slight accent when she speaks English which she doesn’t have when she sings , however, she speaks it well.

Paging, paging the psychologists in this playground! Wei January 15, at 3: Meanwhile, Psycho-jo fills out the questionnaire and imagines Se-kyung is there asking him the questions. Man i really hate the way In-hwa way of speaking don’t know if that’s the usual way of the actress but i want to hit her everytime she says a word All in a days K-drama, wouldn’t you say?

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. That Jaws scene is a previous episode just about had me rolling on the floor!!!!

Se Kyung asks if Tommy regrets picking her side? Se Kyung’s abeoji name escapes me rejected Seung Jo until Il Nam apologized and made his appeal blah, blah, blah I also dropped this, but did read this recap. She is certain something else is going on. How much of the character’s love for Se-kyung is that she simply represents escape from the values and standard behavior of Cheongdam-dong?


I love MGY style, make up and hair in this episode. Curioser And Curiosor January 15, at 4: Well, I am enjoying this show too and I like everybody in it. After two months later, he left her.

Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 6 Screencaps. I do, I do hello humiliation of the newbie at the workplace! Now that she has opened up, maybe it’s just hard for her to stop?

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 12 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Email required Address never made public. These chaebols have the mentality that they’re better than everybody else. Are chaebols even descended from Joseon aristocracy? I like both of them.

Se Kyung asks President Epiaode to also extend his hand and attend the dinner tonight. No marriage between different castes, for instance. The only reasons I finished college and got into medical school was because I worked for it. Everything is all hunky-dory now right? Constantly cheongdamdonv to hide information just feels like retrograde movement epiwode a story. A contract with an offer, acceptance and consideration secures a contract. Is it futile to hope for nothing to happen with In-hwa and Il-nam at this point?!

She loves her brother. And on a totally petty note, sometimes MGY’s crossed eyes drive me nuts. VS January 22, at 1: Robert presumably being French and SJ supposedly having lived in France. She thinks there is something else going on with him. I’m just hoping for a rainbow filled Happily After Ever that only dramas can dish out. She greets him in French and he tells her he loves the label. Since I dropped this drama 2?


Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 12 Recap

I guess not really? She takes his hand and he pulls away. When it comes to foreign languages spoken in a kdrama, please make more of an effort as well, and I am not saying it in an arrogant way. ShinRaeMi07 January 15, at 2: Tommy leaves Se-kyung rattled and quickly deletes the video message. Se-kyung really rubs it in deep by calling her crazy and making her motivations seem grander than they really are.

Tommy rushes to the wedding dress shop and calms himself before walking into the changing room. January 24, June 8, This was the favor Se-kyung asked Secretary Moon for. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Well, she is playing them, just not like you think, Tommy boy. That will provide incredible stability.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Recap

Is his mother sicker? I definitely was not impressed with Mr.

Then he asks if she can bury the truth about the video. Who knows those may be the best episodes of this drama.