Chihaya, matched against Akashi’s Yuube in the first round, finds she is unable to take any cards with her left hand. Komano tutors Chihaya and Nishida for exams while Taichi enters a tournament, his last opportunity to make Class A before the eastern master qualifier. Recap episode with omake segments. Tiffany Terrell as Rika Mashima ep 9. When Mochida tells Harada that the tournament has only one reader, Harada realizes Chihaya has an advantage, because she has already learned the reader’s quirks. The more he learns about basketball and the more time he spends with his teammates he grows as a person and becomes sort of tsundere about basketball. Interesting language notes you wrote.

Nishida defeats Taichi and makes Class A. Vicki Barosh as Taeko Miyauchi. If it wasn’t for Chihayafuru or Aku no Hana, I would have given up on anime this season entirely. Megumi Satou as Female Student. Steve Fenley as Mr. Melissa Molano as Michiru Horikawa.

Arata calls him a coward for stealing the glasses, but he says he understands why Taichi doesn’t want Chihaya to hate him. I’m now caught up on the manga, which is also absolutely marvelous. Meanwhile, Midori Sakurazawa, the Fujisaki coach, removes one of third-year Class A players from the line-up and replaces him with Rion Yamashiro, a second-year Class B player who is Kyoko Yamashiro’s granddaughter.

As their high school life begins, they meet once again. Sure, most people’s formative years aren’t as exciting as how they’re portrayed in these Coming-of-Age anime, but check these ones out and you might momentarily forget about how much you missed out on! Meanwhile, Arata makes his way there and thinks of his grandfather, who continued to coach him even after he had suffered a stroke.

She sees Arata and Shinobu on a level far above her. Mar 5, Kenji Fujita Executive producer: I am just curious what planet this series takes place on, it can’t be earth:. Karind13 August 9, at 8: Taichi frequently travels to tournaments to try to make Class A, discovering Nishida and Retro are also at many of them for the same purpose.


It might make for an interesting storyline but I’m not sure the series knows how problematic her way of thinking really is.

You’re right — it’s still quite ambiguous in the manga up to where the show ended. At least the comedy sketches were entertaining. Epislde episodes left–can we finish in that little time? Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Share this Rating Title: Chihaya wants to wear them and to compete in the individual tournament, anyway. He is an infamous perfectionist, not only is he highly critical of himself, but of others smumary well. That is what I feel this 2nd season was like.

Man, and I thought were going to see more of their progress in karuta training.

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Reading the manga is a totally different experience, and I think I am spoiled and benefited by experiencing the story chihayafruu anime form first — I have a better imagination when reading. First-year Mizusawa high school student Chihaya Ayase tries to form a karuta club, but no one takes the club seriously.

Houtarou is usually quite apathetic, however his sister forced him to join the classic literature club.

When Sakurazawa sees the tape on Chihaya’s finger, she is stunned to learn that Chihaya has been using her left hand. Asami Seto as Chihaya Ayase. There’s actually 21 chapters out latest 2 are raw so actually 2 years should provide enough material in which case summer is the point at which enough material would have accumulated. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy, but Inoue clearly showed that this dude is wrong in everything on all possible levels.

After the team tournament award ceremony, Miyauchi takes Chihaya to a clinic to attend to her injury. I like s2 over s1 mainly because of the unbalance. Ronbb June 29, at 6: Kyle Jones as Hiro Kinashi.


Add to My List. Chihaya sets a goal of winning the Tokyo regional high ssummary team tournament, so the club decides to hold a camp at Taichi’s house over a long holiday weekend while his family is away. Thanks so much for blogging this wonderful show! Preview Manga Manga Store.

While Hiroshi from the Shiranami Society loses his match for the rights to challenge the current Master, Yamamoto Yumi wins her match and will be challenging Wakamiya Shinobu for the Queen title once more.

Kiyohito Yoshikai as Player ep Taichi is dumbfounded when Chihaya comes to watch him play, but remembers that Chihaya cares most about having him make Class A. None of them succeed. Geh when I was looking forward for this anime. Tomoko Nakajima Special Effects: She is drawn to the match between Komano and Kana.

Taichi allows him to skip the semi-finals, but orders him to compete in the finals.

Tsuboguchi loses the master challenger match. This salacious yuri melodrama is anything but Class S. That is mindless shipping and it totally ignores what Chihaya might want. Chinese Taiwan cast none. I was so glad we had at least a glimpse of his ad Tsukuba’s winning gesture and happy faces.

Chihayafuru Episode 23: The Night is Nearly Past

Melissa Molano as Michiru Horikawa. Taichi assesses his karuta skills. Jumondo ep episoee Key Animation: Archived from the original on 27 March Radiant Episode 21 [Final Impressions]. Crystal Ruiz Joey Goubeaud.