ALi x Cheetah – Don’t Speak: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ve always been concerned about the potentially detrimental effect on the musicality of her stage performances that may result from her having to do complex choreography while singing. I still think she’s probably at her best vocally when she can stand in one place and focus on the singing. Snuper’s last comeback was disappointing though: I have come to really love the group. Onseniro, you are talking about last episode lol. Hayi gets a bear hug from Jimin’s mom.

The single attained moderate success in Europe, reaching the top ten in Germany and the top twenty in Belgium, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland, while peaking at number thirty-two on the Billboard Hot in the United States. Anonymous February 14, at 5: Seo In Young – Anymore – SIY herself is far from nugu, but her solo music besides ‘Cinderella’ and some earlier stuff failed to get noticed which is a shame because this song is so good. Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. Then the current round where you have 3 VS round: Seriously, you all should listen to this. The single peaked at 4 on the weekly Oricon charts, charting for six weeks. P stans as being unbearably adorable.

I sometimes get critical of the judges and producers. And I have a hunch Nicole will sign with YG.

MY DEAR KOREA: KOREAN MUSIC: Hi and GD on Golden Disk Red Carpet

Yoon Do-hyun returned as host and narrator, and Boom returned as live host. Kpopstaf am watching Kpop star ss2 and honestly, It can not dolling compared to ss1 about the vocal quality. P Catch you S. Murray Abraham and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. This marked the 33rd edition of the live broadcast. The mentoring she has gotten from the judges and subsequently seems to be a mixed blessing in that regard. Hilee Enamored I like that fourth one too. LOL I know you’re busy, but if you have to leave, give us something to remember Little baby has grown up so much since kpop star now that she has to apply makeup, wear heels, etc.



Seeing the old k;opstar in the video made me a bit sad thinking about how quickly time goes by. Whether one landed higher or lower means very little, so feel free to swap them around or toss in your own as you go along in the comments section. Hilee Enamored Oh, you started a new page for Hi! I was literally about to post this song. It seems like if you take any song, slow it down or speed it up, the judges will be impressed.

I think the judges are between a rock and a hard place where they have to cooperate with the show’s producers and writers to boost the show’s ratings when they also want to pick those with rare talent and potential.

Cant link it since I’m on mobile rn but please give it a listen! The single stayed at number-one for two weeks in the UK Physical Chart, the group’s highest yegeub since their Some of these were shockingly low for the amount I love the dep.

According to this article, all of the recording work on Hi’s new album is already finished and it’s scheduled for release on March 1, At this stage, I think the entertainment companies and the K-Popstar producers have made some preliminary decisions as to the potential of the contestants and are probably being quite strategic in how they allocate resources for training and mentoring, song selections, etc.


Not a good decision on YG’s part. It’s like a lampshade or something. Minje – Our City: She looked best when she sung Noreul Wihae in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the girls’ rare collaboration. Red Velvet has always played around with the intensity of their music, but this song for me pushed the group into a whole new dimension.

I felt really great listening to her singing and I told you I would be very generous with the scoring rollinv. Posted by Vivek Singh at Foxand The Grand Budapest Hotel Is my bias showing.

Hello, My Twenties! 2

Where Are You From? Given the nature of reality TV and elimination audition programs, such issues are inevitable and perceptions of who “got a raw deal” in any case will vary subjectively.

They do take a little while usually!

Mendler was featured on two singles released from the soundtrack of Lemonade Mouth, with both charting on the US Billboard Hot She gives off a warm nurturing vibe. A good bit of rough sexy toward the end of Just One Day by Badkiz 50k: Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. It’s such a fantastic song, with its strong drum beat and the dark tension of the vocals. You are commenting using your Facebook account.