Philadelphia sways between the two before making her final decision, but, as one would expect, it is more comic than tragic that a diamond bracelet helps her to come to the right conclusion! Amabelle married wholly pragmatically, and is quick to recommend this course to others. There follows a tangle of misunderstandings. I have yet to read any Nancy Mitford but have been meaning to for a long time. Very soon after this decision was put into practice, the bread was, as it were, lost to sight beneath a substantial layer of Russian caviar; the board, changing with the fashions of years, first took to itself a lace tablecloth, then exposed a gleaming surface of polished mahogany, and finally became transformed into a piece of scrubbed and rotting oak; while the lodging, which had originally been one indeed, and on the wrong side of Campden Hill, was now a large and beautiful house in Portman Square. I have a Nancy Mitford novel on my shelves at home.

December 30, at December 31, at 7: Quirky, quite dated in many ways. Views Read Edit View history. I love The Readers Podcast. At least with P. Igoni Barrett 1 A.

Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Facebook Google. The funniest parts of the book are the excerpts from the Journals, which contain what may be the single most gloriously risible stanza of oudding I have ever read in my life: She becomes torn between her attraction to both Paul and Michael. Books by Nancy Mitford.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I puddint imagine why; but they do. It is a joy to know that someone as in love with literature as you are is at work opening the minds of some lucky children somewhere. Please update your billing information. The book ends having made the point that love is a stupid reason to get married, but if you must, screwing around is fun. Christmas Pudding est un livre caustique, pourvu de l’humour so british qui me fait fondre.

Delightful little parody of upper class British society, where innocence ends and love is dead. I have never read any Nancy Mitford novels. And I love your blog — fascinating! Christmas Puddingthough, fits the bill perfectly. Goofy and fluffy, but fun.


Review: Christmas Pudding by Nancy Mitford

I did not do any Christmas-themed reads, but I do love reading books that are set in winter or a cold climate during this time of year. At the outset there’s a character called Paul Fotheringay who is dismayed by the acclaim for his book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here How to write a comic novel when you are suddenly prone to “crying on buses”? One Nancy and one Jessica, right? Amabelle Fortescue, unlike so many members of her late profession, was an intelligent, a cultured and a thoroughly nice woman.

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She was one of the noted Mitford christms and the first to publicise the extraordinary family life of her very English and very eccentric family, giving rise to a “Mitford industry” which continues. Sep 18, D. Notify me of new comments via email. This is a hermetically sealed world where everyone is immune to the consequences of their actions, and the faceless domestic staff are there to smooth the way ahead.

He writes a weekly elegiac ramble on the back of the Church Times but he is probably best remembered for Akenfield the changing life of a fictional village in rural Suffolk which was made into a film by Peter Hall in I could count the Chalet School book as one from the s too but I also enjoyed Greenbanks by Dorothy Whipple — a wonderful picture of the lot of women in those days. I have a Nancy Mitford novel on my shelves at home.

Will Paul ever get to write his life of Lady Maria, or will he have to settle into a proper job, having fallen in love with Lady Bobbin’s daughter, Philadelphia? If marrying for money is wretched, marrying for love may prove to be worse. His friend Amabelle Fortescue having taken a house, Mulberrie Farm, close to Compton Bobbin for Christmas, suggests to her young admirer, Bobby Bobbin, Lady Bobbin’s heir, that Fotheringay apply to be his tutor nancj the holiday.

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Return to Book Page. Being cruelly misunderstood by his audience pjdding his status-seeking, head-turningly beautiful fiancee is making him wretched, but Paul revives when he comes up with a new project, the biography of a little known nineteenth century chdistmas. Imagine all the mischief you could cause by switching the jackets before donating a bunch of books. I am reliably informed that this changes as Nancy Mitford develops as an author, and there is a discernible change between her first four novels, and her second four novels.


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Dig beneath the surface and you will find some meaty topics worth pondering; the purpose of marriage, the difficulties of keeping your head above water in a social circle consisting of people considerably wealthier than you, the terrible lack of education and occupation available for upper class girls — migford ultimately, this is a light caper meant to be curled up with, laughed at and thoroughly enjoyed.

I think at times I felt some of the characters a little tiresome. Her brother Bobby talks a bit too much like a mitfodr girl to pull off the smart aleck OE boy he is meant to be. Retrieved from ” https: To view it, click here. They were a fascinating family but I am synopsia worried about their politics and that at least 2 of the sisters were such lovers of Hitler and fascism.

A steady succession of boring anecdotes from a bland cast synopis characters. Et bien en voila une jolie decouverte!!! Oddly, I too began Villette this December, but ended up setting it aside for a brief and cheery interlude with Barbara Pym. Subscribe now and get unlimited digital access on web and our smartphone and tablet apps, free for mitforc first month.

Mitford modeled her characters on her own famously unconventional family. John Harrison 1 M. I believe that is what generally starts the trouble. December 28, at 7: Also in Radlett and Montdore.

The Ladies of Alderley: Jan 01, Stephen King rated it really liked it.