In the flashback, after Ailain guns down the mutant dogs, the bridge collapses during the chase. Layfon and Nina then see each other and embrace. As the crew later sits down for dinner, Nina scolds Layfon for sharing sandwiches with her that were originally made by Mayshen. Nina jumps in to help Leerin, and he runs away when he sees that Nina has possessed Gandoweria inside of her. Haia wants to know if Gorneo has information about the Fallen One. In a flashback, three powerful fighters wielding the Heaven’s Blades begin to fight a giant contaminoid named Limbeekun that has attacked a regios. However, she believes that he should fight for others and not for himself. Layfon has been told to rest after being sent out to battle constant larvae contaminoids encountered across the city.

After grabbing their DITEs from the front desk counter, the two take down the terrorists. As it seems that Nina is worried about Layfon, Naruki interrupts them and asks for their help to solve the issue concerning the overload smuggling. As Layfon sets off to join them, Savalis attacks the rest of the platoon and kidnaps Nina. Layfon, finding Nina in the outskirts of the city, sees her fully possessed and wearing a large goat mask. Dalsiena is highly disappointed for by the fact at how badly they lost against the first platoon in the inter-platoon match. After he apologizes, he explains that he was exiled from Glendan due to breaking the law of the military arts. Alsheyra indicates it is up to Layfon whether or not he chooses to return to Glendan. As they go deeper into the building, the three are suddenly captured by a strange creature and Felli is rescued by Vanzeh Hardy , who reveals that the closure of the center was caused by repeatedly failed experiments that were undergone years ago as a counter to contaminoids in the past.

In the flashback, Ailen destroys Zidd inside the building. Meanwhile, Dalsiena apprehend Sharnid on a rooftop, asking why he left the 10th Platoon and why he broke his vow. Because of that, Sharnid wants to reconnect with Dinn and Dalsiena again.


The finale is a complete departure for the series and is unique to the anime only, and possibly changing the entire outcome of the original story. Leerin and Savalis arrive in the academy city of Myath and they are greeted by Loi Entorio who tells them that a valuable item has been stolen from this city.

Felli senses a life-form somewhere within Gandoweria.

These highlight the universe of Gargantia! Kalian suggests that the only method is to forcibly extricate it out of her, but they all are reminded of what happened to Dinn after this was attempted. As Myath draws closer the night before the intermunicipal battle, Layfon prepares for a confrontation with Haia even as Leerin finally steps inside Zuellni. Felli, visiting Layfon in the hospital, sees that Nina visited earlier and brought him flowers, much to Felli’s jealousy.

When Nina questions Regos about his feelings concerning military arts, he replies to only keep his survival, but she refuses to accept his way of thinking.

Views Read Edit View history. Layfon is sent a message regarding the conditions to get Felli back. A Newcomer’s Guide to Suisei no Gargantia.

Nina figures out that the Fallen One is showing a projection of Dinn’s consciousness. In an alternate reality earth overrun with mutated nano-machine-beasts called Filth Monsters Contaminoids in Funimation’s translationhumanity is forced cjrome live in large mobile cities called Regios and shepled to use weapons called DITE pronounced Di-Te and harnessing the power of Kei to defend themselves.

This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A science fiction light novel series titled Legend of Regios is set in the past world of Chrome Shelled Regios series, and published by Fujimi Shobo under its Style-F label.

An alarm then sounds that the city is under attack by incoming contaminoids. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. The 9th Chroome abandons Nina and Sharnid after their weapons barely make a scratch episde the creatures. As Nina is about to be defeated, Felli sends Nina’s thoughts to Layfon, who uses a powerful burst of kei to defeat the 16th Platoon members to the astonishment of the onlookers.


Nina jumps in to help Leerin, and he runs jndo when he sees that Nina has possessed Gandoweria inside of her. In the flashback, as it seems that Zidd has defaced the entire Kalfa family, Ailen is revealed to still be alive.

Nina feels inferior to Layfon and pledges herself to become stronger. Shortly after Layfon’s dismissal from the hospital, Mayshen meets with him by the train station, where she thanks him for protecting her.

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Nina, receiving word that Zuellni has run amok, goes into a chamber inside the machinery department, finding Gandoweria hovering over Zuellni, who is encased in crystal. Edit Ending Theme As the 17th Platoon takes a day off from training, Nina and Harley watching the inter-platoon matches, while Layfon goes out with Mayshen for lunch.

As Felli uses her psychokinetic powers, she detects a large dragon in the distance. The series finished with 25 light novel volumes – with 19 volumes of the main story-line and 6 being the side-story novels. At Anime CentralNorth American anime distributor Funimation Entertainment announced that they have acquired the anime series. Archaeon All reviews people found this review helpful. Sharnid, Dinn, and Dalsiena made a vow to defend the city with their own hands, but their friendship started falling apart as a consequence.

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Mifi and Naruki informs Layfon that Mayshen blames herself for his current condition. With an invasion into the regios eminent, Kalian orders all military arts students to defend the city and repel the monsters, despite most of them having no experience fighting against contaminoids.

Other Heaven’s Blade wielders are seen fighting the contaminoids.