Please try again later. Actor Jang Hyuk — Part 1″. Episode 3 Full Episode S 1: And failing that, why couldn’t he have just run off with her? But so far so good, I actually liked how they weaved in the romance, action and political aspects into one. When Tae-ha learns that the exiled youngest son of the late prince, who he believes to be the only rightful heir to the crown, is in danger, he is determined to protect him and have him declared the new crown prince. I just wish really! His wife was accused and given the death penalty by poisoning, and his three young sons were sent in exile to Jeju Island.

You will notice that a lot of them are very experienced actors and they just are able to command their roles with so much ease. Should I cry or laugh or both? Such as, the letter he was stealthily given. Because he was always so meek, this transformation shocks the other slaves; Tae-ha spins into action in a sudden whirl of motion. Thank you for the awesome recaps, Javabeans! Till I Met You Episode The house collapses shortly after, and Keun-nom and Un-nyun believe Dae-gil to be dead.

I have to thank Amazon for making this show available for prime members as I would never have discovered it otherwise. Why look for that scoundrel, unless you wanted to spoil the mood? I’m also intrigued hutner General Choi. I had recently come off nine full seasons of Dr.

Slave Hunters – Chuno – Episode 1.


Hyewon a former slave tries to leave Taeha when she learns that the slave chasers are after him. The reason being is that I did not intend to epidode up all night watching episodes after another. I know everyone can’t like every thing, but to me it will prove exquisitely memorable.


Because Keun-nom’s sister Un-nyun and the young master Dae-gil are in love, Dae-gil’s parents lock Un-nyun in a shed and leave her to die of dehydration. It’s visually breathtaking and looks to be something great. Retrieved May 31, That awesome walk that you see at the end of movies — slow-motion, wind-blowing-in-the-hair, backlit and reverent.

Your wound is still fresh, so don’t go fooling around as always.

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Because he was always so meek, this transformation eisode the other slaves; Tae-ha spins into action in a sudden whirl of motion. Daegil and Taeha engage in a duel.

Got a YouTube account? Episode 15 Full Episode S 1: Couldn’t he have just freed her and then married her? Some work out in the fields, some work in the house?

He does have a meaty role and if he can really get into the character it really will be the career-defining slabe so far for him. Choi, on the other hand, is a disciplined man of few words, and therefore attracts the interest of the two ladies who run the place where they stay.

Slave Hunters – Chuno – Episode 6. Click here to learn more. As they used to say i.

Thus I was able to savoir and enjoy the anticipation and cliff hanging techniques of the episodes. Available on Prime The Royal Tailor. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Slave Hunters – Chuno – Cuno 7. This is truly an epic production.

I actually like his rugged look better.

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Slave Hunters – Chuno – Episode 4. Thanx for all your recaps I’ve been reading some of them for a while. Poster for The Slave Hunters. To his chagrin, there is no new information about her.


So hold on, everyone Their statuses naturally made it impossible for them to be together, but they would take little moments of joy in stolen episkde and passing encounters. Already in love with the 3 lead i. And they said a rabid dog can be crazy enough to bark at slage tiger They decide to use Daegil as bait to escape Huntter and get on a boat with the envoy from Qing.

Their flight is difficult, however, and by the next day the group is exhausted. Like a friend said before, Chuno isn’t exactly an ACTOR’s drama whereby usually an actor or actress actually carries the drama. God, my eyes are peeled to the screen whenever he has a scene! The Slave Hunters Hangul: The OST had me when I clicked play. Can I claim Danny Ahn?? Empress Ki Episode I hope you do do too. This has a everything romance, uhnter, vengeance, action.

His common refrain throughout these episodes is to get a female slave to do all these feminine tasks for them.

The Slave Hunters

Episode 12 Full Episode S 1: Thanks again for the recap! Showing of reviews. Episode 11 Full Episode S 1: She just reaches out and grabs your heart.