Dupa ce anul trecut a fost impresionat pana la lacrimi de publicul de la Untold Festival, Armin van Buuren revine si anul acesta la Cluj-Napoca, la cea de-a doua editie a festivalului Untold care va avea loc intre 4 si 7 august. De la ora Deoarece un eveniment caritabil nu trebuie sa fie si exclusivist, concertul World Doctors Orchestra care va avea loc in data de 26 Mai in Cluj, va fi transmis prin satelit si la Cinema Florin Piersic. MOX 28 iulie, ora Majoritatea productiilor combina elemente poetice cu diferite genuri de muzica electronica, cum ar fi Experimental, Ambient si Trip-Hop. Romanian House and Techno DJ, founder of Tzinah Records, always supporting underground artists, always with an eye on future fractal sounds to raise vibes! Ai atatea lucruri de facut, Atatea promisiuni de tinut. Stay tuned for details!

To register, click here. Fondurile stranse in urma targului vor merge in campania numarul 8 Beard Brothers, care are ca scop achizitionarea unei masini pentru a fi transformata in primul taxi comunitar, care va transporta persoanele cu deficiente si cazuri sociale in regim gratuit. Ce este Speed Design. Vineri, 20 mai, de la ora This edition is going to be about celebrating good music, good films, good vibes, dedicated work and friendship — all of them blended together under the establishment of Gazette, which is now turning 12! Eschewing overt preachiness, it not only highlights the dangers of rationalising anti-establishment idealism as an excuse for wall-to-wall hedonism but those run by men psychically blocked from growing up. Cele doua single-uri lansate ulterior sublineaza acest fapt, ba mai mult insinueaza venirea unui nou material.

It is this and the brilliantly timed comic touches which keep us watching what would otherwise be simply a deeply distressing and horrific film.

Joi 24 martie ora This god I want to believe in is continuously changing, I feel it unreachable and I find myself fooled. Nu uita sa citesti regulamentul de participare la eveniment: His father is Bass and his mother is Nature. Vineri, 20 mai You can contact us on our page or at the following number: Elena Ivanca, Tibi Covaci — vineri, sambata, duminica, luni, miercuri, joi: Ro Local RecordsSoundsphere 5 si 7, precum si pentru albumul Am n-aripi.


Witchcraft Through the Ages. When hands are raised, someone wants to ask questions. Soundtrack pentru un dans nocturn printr-un magazin de aparate electrocasnice din New York. La Urania Palace Miercuri, 2 decembrie, ora Cu siguranta va fi un capitol nou pentru ei.

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Un spectacol de neratat. Sometimes serious, sometimes treating all this as an inside-joke ready to be spelled.

Left unnoticed, it can change the way our brain works, causing OCD and schizophrenia, controlling who we think we are. Akin wants us to see that it is in pushing the boundaries of our lives, in taking risks, in going outside of the normal and routine that we really begin to live.

Vineri, 4 decembrie Biletele pentru spectatori sunt disponibile pe: Sergiu- 14 ani It is a piece that is neither additional, nor missing from the whole context of the Arena and it creates for itself a strong, personal identity from fragments of ideas and forms. Via Life Education for All. Duo, followers and deeply impassioned into music, they are inspired by all those many different kind of electronic music and their origins to liven up the night as they will.

This project follows the comprising of such elements, forming an ethical and aesthetic landscape of discrepancies. Veronica Frisan Vizuale de: Este timpul pentru Spellground! In this case, we are cinemq to the perceptible time that compels the physical elements to dissection, bringing forth the contemplation of their brute state, lack of life and minimal functionality.


Acestea sunt doar o parte dintre scurtmetrajele care muures fi difuzate luni seara. The composition of our surrounding is a mixture of natural and artificial elements, all subject to various vinema of degradation.

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Via Green Sensation Festival. Vineri, 17 iunie, To all this we then add the postmodern phenomenon of the production speed and acceleration of objects. Ambele vin din Cluj-Napoca, oras care tot mai mult confirma a fi un pol al muzicii rock. Detalii despre filme pe: Biletele pentru meciul demonstrativ sunt disponibile online pe Biletmaster. You get to cimema life as a neighbourhood where brothers are enemies and dogs are the only reliable beings around, where bileh finds its way to fight and fake for nothing, just to bear one more day until the truth comes out, until everything faces misery.

Teatrul de Vara Targu Mures: Filme 2D si 3D in aer liber!

Nu este necesar Via After Eight. A impartit scena cu multi renumiti artisti, cum ar fi: Armin van Buuren revine pe scena Untold Festival! Mai mare, mai spectaculos Anul acesta crestem numarul de activitati Mai multe evenimente urbane si momente interactive.

Shadow Behind the Moon r. Via Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca.