There’s just one thing more worth noting about the new Star Wars movie and that’s how many cinemas showed it with subtitles and how many showings there were Spectre subtitled made our sons weekend OdeonBlackpool. Here you can select your town and see every captioned screening in your local area, with dates and times, too. I have to admit, I was a bit worried I’d hate them I would love for my local indepent village cinema to have subtitled films. The truth is that according to a shocking new survey the largest growing age group with hearing difficulties is There should be more subtitled films. I haven’t been to the cinema in 20 years because I absolutely couldn’t understand a word.

In August I began losing my vision and in November I was registered as legally blind after being diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease. I know quite a few people who, like me, have become disabled in the prime of their lives. Subtitles at cinemas are great for my daughter as she is profoundly deaf. I had heard it “looks fantastic”, “amazing visuals”, ‘spectacular”, all descriptions that are not very useful to person with severe sight loss. But only if they are made accessible! More than a hundred people begin to lose their sight every day. I really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 2 last year and I went on my 6th birthday with all my friends who could hear it.

Maybe the cinema sound was too boomy, or maybe the director is a bit deaf and thinks it sounds good when it’s really loud? It may seem a luxury to “just” watch a film or two, but its much more than that. I’m not totally blind, I can still make out giant blue figures sktfall a big bright screen.

More often than not, it’s clarity that is needed. My daughter is 15 and profoundly deaf; yourlocalcinema. Without subtitles I can’t go to the cinema or follow films- simples!

My hearing was severely damaged by unprotected exposure to heavy machinery dodsbury my younger years. My wife is deaf, as well as one of my children. It’s a fact that Finland has the highest reading scores of any children because it imports a lot of English language programmes and they are subtitled. I used to go to concerts and the theatre and festivals. Most like films, on the big screen.


Whether solo or shared, it should be an engaging brain treat available to all, no matter the working status of one’s ears.

James Bond flick Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig, to be previewed in Yarmouth ahead of release

The reason I now go to subtitled showings is because tanks and guns blew my eardrums in Iraq. It wasn’t to far from my house and I just want to say thank you. I found it a chore to be constantly checking the posters outside the cinema or asking the staff who sometimes dodsbury no idea about this issue so I have nothing but praise for all your hard work on this site. I am still trying to understand interstellar a week after!

Such a great website to find the very rare subtitled showings of movies – thank you! I love watching films: Until I got a cochlear cinena I rarely went out.

It would be better if it was at a weekend or after the children have broken up for Christmas. I have only seen 1 subtitled movie with someone I support in the community, we had such an enjoyable time, I wish Southend would show these films more often!! In cinema visits I look for subtitles as it enables me to hear” fully what is said. And this time around, now I know the storyline, I will be able to relax a bit more and enjoy the general feel of the film rather than staring transfixed at the subtitles.

Went to the cinema saw Spectre full Audio description, bloody great. Three months ago she suddenly lost the hearing in her remaining ear and this has plunged her into a silent world. Thankfully most are these days. Add your own quote HERE. Many thanks for all of your help advising of where I can get audio description and following-up with the various cinemas on my behalf.

It helpfully tells me who people are, which elegantly overcomes my biggest problem with film. Its only 10 mins drive to my home!! Very new to needing subtitles.


Your Local Cinema .com

I love everything about cinema, but when I lost my hearing I was unable to watch a majority of films. Thank YOU for making this information readily accessible.

We were both blinded in Afghanistan. Omniplex, Odeon, IMC cinema companies.

It’s so nice to be able to have an outing where she truely enjoys it, and hasn’t got to worry about her hearing aid batteries cinemq or back ground noise interferring with her day. I could also follow the flow of events; the plot. Limited to foreign films with subtitles or wait for DVDs to become available so I can watch with subtitles. I check it religiously each week! Just been to see Broken City.

I have just seen 12 Years a Slave which I thought was brilliant I just wanted to thank you for the website. Thank you so much for letting me know about subtitled cinema. I grew up with a younger brother who was deaf, when we were children we would watch films together and i would have to explain what was happening because so few were subtitled and i could see how little he understood with just seeing moving pictures and even though i tried i could not do a very good job, when closed captions and subtitles started being added to more films it was like another world had opened up to my brother what i had taken for granted he saw as a life changing thing and we could discuss what the films were about without him having to guess.

I used to fall asleep in films before audio description came along because I would completely lose the plot. Our kids grew up in Finland and are excellent readers.