It’s a film that succeeds in hooking the audience but doesn’t know how to continue after that. I really don’t see many people who are going to like Kickassia, other than these people’s families and friends. The story in Kickassia, although it was obviously not meant to be a masterpiece in cinema, is still seriously lacking. Cause it was a joke! If people like this are not actors at all they should not act in something that clearly they have no talent for. Maybe post-production was rushed? After conquering the damn place, the Critic and his goons set up a government, and promptly fall into infighting and poor acting.

I wouldn’t mind it if it was applied properly, to enhance the juxtaposition of the jokes, but instead it’s used in most dreadful of ways, where after almost every ‘skit’ characters turn towards audience and go “Hey! That very moment someone thinks it’s a really a good idea or accepts the given suggestion as a norm, thus creating an “awkward moment”, where everyone pause. Although Doug Walker was doing his part pretty well, the rest of the crew wasn’t used to this kind of acting, as it clearly shows. The special effects, though, which appear to all be post-production Adobe After-Effects, look terrible. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Well, mostly when Doug Walker was acting.

However, let me also clarify: I was just hoping to be entertained and laugh, and the movie didn’t deliver very much of that. Though there are elements of humor to some of the dialog, the delivery quickly shows that none of the “actors” and I use the term rather loosely really have any business getting in front of a camera again.

I almost feel bad for not being able to enjoy the movie and don’t know what is more offensive the fact my boyfriend spent 25 dollars for a film I could have easily found online or the fact that we wasted an hour or so watching this awkwardly arranged pseudo “movie”.

If you ever wanted to participate in a drinking game, do watch Kickassia and each time the pattern above appears, take a sip of beer, you’ll be smashed alcoholic for the rest of your life after first 20 minutes. Evidently, if you’re a hardcore fan, you’re welcome to watch out, otherwise just plain avoid the damn thing unless you enjoy having male genitalia rammed into your ears while having your eyes gouged out with a rusty ice cream scoop.


Hearing your thoughts on that older video was enjoyable to me. It was really funny! Again due to cost issues, there’s a good chance that the way the music was orchestrated was on a very tight budget. The Internet as whole other kind of humour that people should get use to.

Plus I’m easily a sucker for checking out films made by the average Joe with a camera, some friends, and too much time on their hands.

Doug Walker’s Kickassia is the story about a Critic who want to conquer the world, beginning by conquering a real Micronation. Okay, first of all, I’m a huge Nostalgia Critic fan.

Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall!

Doug Walker and his team take over Mollassia by an ambush and rename it Kickassia. The Critic is of course present throughout the “movie” and is dressed up as Bison, from the Street Fighter movie. Unfortunately you have to see 10 bad movies to get to those. Clnema editing and sound design I feel could have been a little better done but Kickwssia guess in order to avoid that stupid not cool insert swear here copyright crap!

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I suppose some would find that costume funny, but the average, sane cnema would only see it as totally ludicrous. If people like this are not actors at all they should not act in something that clearly they have no talent for. Great to hear how much fun you all had. I mean he has created a very likable TV show if ssnob like his sort of humour and also a movie buff, but here EVERY complaint you’ll see him raise in reviews for other movies in this one.

Fans or people familiar with these personalities will understand the in jokes and gags used in the film.

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It boggles the mind that a group that analyzes movies and points out commetnary idiosyncrasies and errors commetnary them, could watch this waste of celluloid upon completion and think that it’s good enough to unleash on the general public. Find showtimes, watch trailers, coommentary photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


I’m sorry, but it seemed that he was the only one who really I was the one who sent the movie. Also, the characters all evidently have infinite hit points and never sustain injuries and occasionally display never-before-so-much-as-hinted super powers, so there is no drama to these scenes.

Everyone keep there inside jokes, most of the jokes are very funny and the acting is good for the most part. Many people on this site seem to miss the point completely.

Many jokes were dated and didn’t lead anywhere. It’s a pleasure for fans, but if you’re not familiar with thatguywiththeglasses. Kickassia is the last thing I watched from That Guy with the Glasses, and with good reason: A very large cinems to this feature length movie that was renounced is the story believe it or not. I loved the scenes with Spoony, Linkara and Cinema Snob as well as now there’s going to be some spoilers here the transformation of Spoony into his Insano persona which was epic.

If given to individuals that could actually act their way into the paper commmentary to begin with, there’s enough kickssia bits to make a rather amusing minute short film. Remember when Spoony ccinema the Nostalgia Critic used to be funny? Maybe post-production was rushed? However, given my negative opinion about ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, the website where this special little piece of cinema comes from, I will not let that get in the way of making this review as fair as possible.

Many say that the site has decreased in quality, which is something I wholeheartedly agree with. Anyway the story is fun, the characters work well, and the satire and pop-culture references are handled really well.

An error has occured. Yeah, so they’re just online critics making something “for the fans”, but most of cknema people critique films for a living and really should know better.

And if you’re not part of that community, this movie may seem unfunny, out-of-place and bad. Usually they are the birthplace of good original stories.