Please don’t tell me you watch your anime english dubbed? Id compare it to the Lord of the Rings if wed just spent 3 movies focusing on throwing this ring into the volcano, and they get to the volcano, toss it in, and walk away. That’s the one majority of fans have seen. You know its awesome, when it has a fking badass opening FLDh4miFv2k On episode four, I can see where the plot in going From the opening, can’t see one of the guys Anyway, we’ll see. We all have our own opinions of anime, if you watch it you might have a diff view than me, but its an awesome show Cheers, downlo Purchasing as we speak. Its only 10 episodes, even if you dont like it, youd have only wasted 1 or 2 fap sessions.

The Main Point of the show wraps up like its a minor detail. Cross Game came extremely close imo. This manga is alpha as fuk. There’s a clear difference in quality between Japanese and English voice actors. Not that I really mind that All I got left is Corpse Princess.

And yeah, Afro Samurai’s good. Other than the crying, AnoHana was great.

I don’t know about phaggytime but Highschool DxD supposedly has broads shooting lasers out their nipples. Are you sure these are legit? Do you like Japanese animation?

Listen to Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice) – First Impressions + Discussion now.

I dunno if thats a legit show but it looks interesting. I marathoned from Ep 12 to the end in 1 sitting.


You gotta stay original. Ever since the Pein arc, I havent been into Naruto They are very legit but I don’t think they care for gold much. These links are great! Robotech, Star Blazers was what really got me into it.

Has more expressions, etc.

If this event couldnt interest me then nothing in Naruto could. In other news, im 2 episodes deep into Afro Samurai. So need a new series to watch with strong plot. I think I got you covered somewhere in the above posts. I watched it on a Wednesday.

They also had Kikaida, Kamen Rider, and my personal favorite of the period, Rainbowman who could change into 7 different identities with different powers Thats what the post that I replied to was saying.

RavenStorm’s H stash http: Theres a sharp contrast between the last episode and animeultiima other Cheers, downlo Purchasing as we speak. I’ve been rolling through out all of these episodes lulz. I get negged my phaggot team punishment because of my sig.

Saint Seiya Omega – Episódio 10 – Assistir Online

I would suggest atleast watching from impel down. Subs, the amount of emotion put in for Jap Voice does not anieultima at all to dubs, there were only a few dubs sucessful imo, besides that dub fails Yeah, voice acting is taken way more seriously in Japan and there’s actual emotion put into the voices unlike in the US where its same guy who sounds like a piece of paper.


I judge what shows I watch via the quality of the animation thumbnail.

Diff genre, but cross game was definitely amazing. May the code be strong in your projects. The main crew I mean.

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Im up to episode 16 of Cromartie High. Actually not at all funny. Major Contents AIR http: We all have our own opinions of anime, if you watch it you might have a diff animehltima than me, but its an awesome show Cheers, downlo Purchasing as we speak. DMW, is awesome wished they continued it, as a 12 ep series, you have an idea of how they would end it, Theres an on-going manga, so there will probably be a season 2. You just showed how ignorant you are. Gonna watch Air soon.

Either Naruto is a huge phaggot or Kishimoto is a horrible writer I’m watching Yakitate Japan and I’m loving it even though I don’t give a flying fuk about baking bread.

What is stopping you from watching the action with subbed anime?