Now, go back to Cognos Report Studio. KKY thanks for the follow up. This is what I am looking at: That would explain why the formatting options aren’t working. Summary filters and detail filters. Filtering data using Data Check Box Group. Have you done it? Posted by Durga Mahali at

Copying and pasting drill links. Worksheet name in Excel output. Converting a chart to another chart type. Is ur model is DMR or relational. Age at time of graduation in years and fractional months: Over new eBooks and Videos added each month.

Data Type Casting Functions | Report Studio User Guide

Hiding columns in crosstabs. This CASE function extracts the first three characters of the current date and translates it. Overriding data formatting using patterns. Handling slow report validation. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. However, the following cognso work: In this recipe, we will consider one such scenario. Prompts — display value versus use value.

KKY so is it working or not? Pinned topic Convert TimeStamp to Date format.

Parameters map is a good solution to get current date; however, it present challenges to directly use date type, instead, data key as integer is easily ccognos handle. Converting a chart to another chart type. Choosing the right colors. Ive check the framework and the table but for some reason will not format properly.


Determine the difference between two datetime values in Cognos RRDI Reporting

Keep sharing Cognos TM1 online training Bangalore. Posted by Durga Mahali at In this recipe we will see how to use patterns in the data format. Showing the prompt values in a report based on security.

Overriding crosstab intersection drill-through definitions. Go to Pattern and define it asI have used Data format in report studio, but i did get the same pattern what ever i have in the database. Last Day of Current Month. How do you feel about the new design? SDK and third-party tools for Cognos. If the value is a timestamp then you should be able to use the data format property of the item in your report layout or in Framework Manager to define a custom format pattern for the date.

As a short term solution you could separate out the portions erport the string using substring calculations and then concatenate the individual pieces with appropriate separator characters. If April 27 is also.

Copying and pasting partial or full reports. In some cases, it is requested to turn it into real date in report.


How did you do it? Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Showing a username in the footer. Show real date from power cube. Summary filters and detail filters. In Cognos Report Studio, we can define the formatting of data items that we have seen in many recipes.

Filtering data using Data Repory Box Group. I am really sorry KKY.

IBM Cognos Report Studio – how to remove time from a date field – Stack Overflow

If it is numeric then you will have to convert the number to a timestamp. Hi Winson11, I did that one. Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. Thanks for this information. Picking up and applying styles.

How Do I remove the timestamp from the date?