Your email address will not be published. The original master audio clips in the Project panel are untouched. However, you see and hear the channel mapping you specify for a device only when the device is activated. In a Timeline panel, double-click a linked clip. The In and Out points of linked clips are the same only if they have identical durations. For example, the selected device could have only two channels. A common a example would be a stereo file with audio on the left channel and silence on the right channel.

Breaking out a stereo clip results in two mono audio master clips—one for each channel. You can change multiple clips at the same time by selecting all the clips you want to change in the Project panel, then accessing the Audio Channels dialog. It will be a hassle to change each clip individually in dual mono. Import the clips into a P2 project containing a sequence with a 5. Select a format from the Channel Format list. You can specify the channel in a target hardware audio device for each channel in a sequence Master track. For example, if you map channels 1 and 2 in a stereo clip to the Left-Front and Right-Front channels in a 5. I ran across this problem two weeks ago while working on a story about starving sea lions.

Premiere Pro CC: Convert Stereo to Dual-Channel Mono Audio

The Breakout To Mono command works on items in the Project panel, not on clips in a sequence in the Timeline panel. They distribute the stories in up to six languages, so this allows them to change the narration and add voice overs to the soundbites.

When this clip is edited as it was imported into the sequence, notice that both channels are edited clnvert a single track. Mapping sequence audio channels to the device does not activate the device. When given a single mic as input they will record it as a stereo pair, which then needs to be split during editing.


This step swaps the output channels or tracks for the two source channels.

Working with clips, channels, and tracks in Premiere Pro

If the Source Monitor displays a multi-clip link from the Project panel, you can use the Overwrite or Insert buttons to add the linked clips to separate tracks in a Timeline panel.

If you leave P2 clips at their default mono channel mapping, use them in a sequence with a 5. Tiles to the right of each channel name in the list represent the three types of sequence channels you can map to that hardware channel: Break all stereo tracks into mono tracks.

Set this default in the Audio Output Mapping Preferences dialog box. You can export to four channels, for example, if you want to transfer your final output file back to P2 media. In the Audio Channels pane of the Modify Clip dialog box, do any of the following:.

Specifying the In and Out points for a specific track applies the same amount of trimming to the In and Out points of the other linked tracks.

If you choose a stereo device, the list shows only two hardware channels.

Stereo to Mono – Premiere Pro – Help Wiki

June 7, at 7: Thanks for this useful tutorial. I ran across this problem two weeks ago while working on a story about starving sea lions. Audio channel mapping in Premiere Pro Search.

Premiere Pro User Guide. They require that the narration is panned left and all other audio panned right. May 30, at Then, change the number of audio clips which tells Premiere how many audio tracks to use when editing the clip into the Timeline to 2. Linked clips remain synchronized as you move them or trim them in a Timeline panel.


The Effect Controls panel displays all the video and audio tracks in a multi-clip link with the applied effects grouped together by track. So any new inserts in the timeline are now in stereo.

Under Track Format, click 5. Shift-click to select more than one audio clip on separate tracks in a Timeline panel. If you have a stereo clip with sound recorded in only one channel, or if you have a stereo clip that has sound in one channel that you want to replace with the sound from the other channel, you can use source clip channel mapping, the Fill Left audio filter, or the Fill Right audio filter.

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By default, clip audio channels are mapped to the master track when they are captured or imported into a project. Fill Left with Right duplicates the right channel onto the left channel.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Converting Stereo Tracks to Dual Mono

Your way is faster. Select the audio clip in the Timeline. To map a source channel to a different output track or channel, drag a track or channel icon to another source channel row.