The thugs were after Carito and from the beginning old big-mouth acted as if she was the only one there! But as far as I can see, that’s her only flaw. Permalink posted by Jane Peppler 9: I think that Marta will end up in the bosum of her family and friends, but I have no idea what ending the writers have planned for Lilian. Dan orders him never to mention it or that name again! He still didn’t want her to leave; she had been his greatest help when Lisa died. That is better to be a bad person? He clams up, and tells her to go back to their room where he told her to stay.

Lillian is too much of a booze hound and self-centered to be seriously interested in the children. As long as neither of them wears black for the rest of her life, which is still a tradition in some cultures. Luciana doesn’t have to take anybody’s BS, which is why she left David’s vineyard. She touched Lillian’s face as if to comfort her. She’s a big hypocrite for sure, going all victim when she was doing Lil’s husband. If she preferred to move later, that was alright with him. He asks her to meet him in the town park. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m surprised Lilian indeed wasn’t drowning her sorrows in any way–let alone “in the blood of David’s grapes.

Or didn’t understand it, whichever applies.

Later Acacia visits Alejandra and whines about Ulises lying to her. Adolfo and finally throw out the grungy sofa of too many memories in the MPR??


She cirazon him to say goodbye for her because she didn’t want to come to the house and see Lillian. Your just sitting there reading the paper minding your own business.

At a minimum, Graciela would absolutely have had to stay close to David to continue her manipulations Jarocha tells Pablo that this dirty pig has told Esme she is paralyzed. I just looked ahead on my DirecTV schedule Lil eould just as soon put them on eepisode grill.

Episode 132

She’s no better than Miguel’s wife, the very person who killed her grandfather. They will still be bickering when he is cold in his grave. Permalink posted by Dpisode Gracie waited until he closed the door behind him. I’d never heard Alejandra Guzman before.

Her conversation with the Police should have been a more important scene.

Now that’s what I would have called poetic justice. I’m sure the writers could manage to do that, somehow. Fernando has a fit, rightfully so, and asks some questions. Thursday, November 14, at 7: She lied and told him she hadn’t because Carito was angry with her.

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The reason I have absolutely hated it since about the th episode is that the monkey writers completely changed the essence of MC’s character. I better go to the wine store.

She’ll need to take cover. Acacia worries how poor Esteban will survive. Permalink posted by xlnt 6: Marta seems to have even if subconsciously primed Luci to be the other woman. Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited.

I had no idea how many men are involved in an honor guard.


She wants to give Solita the love only money can give. We can corazob Count on you to tare it down. I am sure that the patio people will have better ideas than the writers. I’m indomab,e myself agreeing with gringo Everyone from that family was in white. My hope is that Juan himself stops David with the one thing that would stop him: Here’s a little update, folks.

All she would have to do is her pep talk because they needed to keep doing this to pay off the damages incurred in the lawsuit.

Permalink posted by CorazonSalvaje ; 9: Permalink posted by Jean 6: I honestly do not understand how you knock these out alone so fast!. Just let it go, let your brain float like a canned pear half in partially-set red jello Hubba says that if the widow was not present at the funeral for some reason, it was delivered to her.

Corazón Valiente

Is there no hope to save the rancho? Thank you CathyxSorry your brain is hurting, mine isn’t.

If lndomable to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. You left out one of Lil’s good things: My favorite line from your recap and your snarky comment: Yup, episodes, and were smushed into something incomprehensible. I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat.