Even the joining fee is full refundable. You may blame a person who may be a lawyer and lie also. That said, it is not known what other inducements if any these conveniently-blind civil servants received. We have said we are profoundly sorry for them. It occurs more frequently in men than women. Friends, Lets Log a Complaint against Shyam for harnessing the innocents, sending us Blogs which mislead us and our minds, the one who has stopped our entire work rule for many days, sent us to huge losses, and complaint should go from all of us with Damages occurred to should be payable from Shyam or his associates in Vijaywada as well as from the Prakasham District of Andhra.

For public welfare… thanks. The leaders of the Left parties, on the other hand, are also raising a strange argument. Initially, I too was following closely on what he was stating until I came across this article on the internet: It is not surprising that network marketing is now one of the fastest growing industries of all time with an estimated people just like you, joining the industry every single week. The fact also being found. Nmart Hardoi 12 September at Basically when you join the company you are given a discount on the products and supply your family and friends the products at retail price.

Corporate Frauds Watch

I m sure we will WIN. Andhra Pradesh High Court in its judgement in the writ petition filed by speakasiaonline pointed out that “T he first contention raised by the learned Senior Counsel is that First Information Report can be registered only on commission of an offence. CMD Nmart By www. Even the joining fee is full refundable.


A person is in breach of this section if he—. They target the most vulnerable section of the society. The police in the undivided Andhra Pradesh did not take any action to stop the company from taking deposits. Shyam Sundar recently got at the back of one more company which claimed to be the. In continuation to the above comment, i have one more serios point here: None of them will do i dont even know if these people are god fearing or first of all if they believe in god. Hum sab ek aawaz vz kahenge JAI It does not seem fit for the person of your status.

A forporate weeks ago, via some concerned third parties, I was put in contact with a young woman in the UK who wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks for sharing this blog post. The products are mostly unbranded; sourced from mostly unscrupulous agencies ; are valueless and are sold typically overpriced many times their actual cost in the name of magical remedies or craftsmanship or uniqueness etc.

The big earners were making money off all the other sales people’s investments. You need money not from Donators but from big companies.

That is why people are vociferously raising their voice against me and even casting aspersions on my action. And I can help you with research if you want!

Corporate Fraud Watch

Shyam Sundar, Why do you worry about the author’s linguistic skills? Finally what the fact behind is Shyam and his Alis with their police friends are.


But here I will only say, we will learn from the criticizes. Radha 7 November at Exercise produces frauc and will release toxins that can irritate the skin. If you are using the shake mix as a meal replacement you may want to reduce the portion size or frequency. Be self dependent and for any assistance feel free to call me.

Aatch Pyramidal structure of so-called direct sales involves enrolment of a common person based on a payment which the promoters dupe as buying of a product and annual registration fees.

Judging by their previous, shameful track-record, legally-qualified, senior US government officials, would appear to be some of the last people in America who should be tasked with coming up with solutions to fraud. My wife and I attended the meeting.

Corporate Frauds Watch: NMart cases to be tried in Guntur of Andhra Pradesh

You may see the other article posted on this blog. Sundar as well as a member of our Organization that Bath bane se bantha he, begar ne se nehi bontha.

With all good wishes.

Hi all, I was just going through this blog and trust me, this looks like a compelling article. Sundar and his alias locked their hands with the Local police in their district and. Bythe company started defaulting and the bubble has burst.