Without any extra wiggle room, I started by securing one of the top corners of the power supply. Bye pass the hot swap bays and attach them directly to the mobo just to test and see if its the same issue. I bought the Obsidian Corsair D case a long time ago when it. Corsair has a reputation to deliver products in the somewhat more high-end. Plenty of cases offer built-in vibration absorption and tool-free hard drive mounting options, but then few even high-end enclosures have hot-swap caddies and native support for 2. Since the hot-swap bays were just too cool for me to avoid any longer, I started by installing a hard drive.

Look forward to hoot this baby to complete my suite of Corsair parts in my PC: Furthermore, such cases allow for carefree installation of large and hot. In addition to the four hot-swap bays, two more hard drives can be more permanently installed in the lower area of the case. I have attempted to install every iteration of windows 7 on my brand new bui.. MAYBE that will help lol. If I connect the SSD to the this Oddly, these drives are secured using drive rails that don’t require screws.

All three drives are sata 3 with the Agility being sata If I take out all the drives and put the agility 2 SSD drive on 8800d bottom tray, my bios detects it and so will windows.

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Come to think of it View and Download Corsair R installation manual online. Intel teases discrete graphics community “Odyssey”. Their first ever PC chassis is called the Obsidian D, serise it is.

You must log in or register to reply here. Now we play the waiting game. Unfortunately for my case Corsair Obsidian Dthis didn’t mount into the.

Obsidian 800D One hot swap bay will never work

I can’t use all 4 bays at once. Lately they have started to move towards other areas like SSD’s and today we. I checked the bios and all 4 bays are “enabled”. I’m using all 4 hot swap bays so could it just be a matter of overload?


The sleds also lack any form of vibration or acoustic dampening; they’re just steel and plastic. My Corsair SSDs obsisian with a metal adapter plate. When Corsair came to market with the Obsidian Series D after reading. Joined Jan 27, Messages 0. I’m presuming it has your OS install on it? My case is Obsidian D and I have a question.

One could certainly do a better job of tidying things up behind the motherboard tray, but the best part of Corsair’s approach to cable clutter cleanup is that it’s easy to sweep cabling under the rug, so to speak.

Nvidia’s GTX Ti: It pops out with a firm push from behind, which isn’t nearly as elegant as the button-released side panels. The mounting is also able to take 2.

In addition to the four hot-swap bays, two more hard drives can be more permanently installed in the lower area of the case. The original Obsidian Series D laid down a marker way back in.

Well since I stole 40 Radeon VIIs, don’t even get me started at the infinite price ratio that Nvidia is pushing for these things vs my free Radeons! Corsair D has five 5. Considering that the rest of the Obsidian is a tool-free affair, I was a little surprised to see screws used to secure drives in the hot-swap sleds.

K-L-Waster Feel free to tune out until there is an actual card with an actual set of benchm I have a 2. Corsair provides 8 screws with the D, which is enough for 2 SSD units. Between the modular cables of our Enermax power supply and the massive size and routing features of the Corsair case, this was probably the easiest build I’ve ever done.


They’re primed to accept 2. We recently received the brand-new Corsair Obsidian Series D super-tower. The Corsair Obsidian D Source: We must admit we really like cases such as Obsidian D for the vast.

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Obsidian D One hot swap bay will never work | TechPowerUp Forums

Customize The Tech Report Corxair massive chunk of change, but pick your jaw up off the floor; Scan tells. After a little lever-pull action, the hard drive sleds can be completely removed from the hot-swap area. However, I next tried a fresh custom install to the ssd and got said error.

National Grain-Free Day Shortbread.

Change the AIO to H lah. But the instant I use all the drives the bottom one disappears in the bios and in windows. The Enermax unit’s top mounting holes just barely lined up with the holes in the back plate of the case, and the bottom holes were far enough off that I couldn’t get one of the screws to start.

But the bios doesn’t detect the drive either. Since the hot-swap bays were just too cool for me to avoid any longer, I started by installing a hard drive. If all the drives work in all said hot swaps then the issue is in the mobo I would think. Corsair already offers a heavy tower case called the Obsidian D. Has anyone else had this issue? I have done several computer builds in both the Obsidian D and D.