Go Grease Lightning Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Australia. Mafia Code California. The Gree company picnic. Thanks for the list. Well, you see Detective, it all started when Mr. The jobs list below is courtesy of Didas and the earlier thread he posted. Thumps up for u reaper Thanks reaper for the list. Read in your best MoviePhone voice

Nobody can hurt me without my permission Here is a partial list of the new rewards for what is probably the worst LTQ that Gree has thrown out. Well, you see Detective, it all started when Mr. Dude, there’s a water bender in leopard skin pants and you’re giving me a baseball bat Do us both a favor and buy a Phone 7 Series Thumps up for u reaper Thanks reaper for the list.

Season’s Thievings SLTQ Jobs and Rewards List

Paris You might consider running your old vity of Quicken on an ancient computer. I was kidding, we don’t work for Gree! Australia Sydney add me: Gree is turning into some real assholes these days. Talks of casualties consume the streets CConly the fearless will survive.

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight Spandau Ballet Caption Reads: This is what I have done for years. Who knows, maybe with enough public support they won’t have a choice I started this event and immediately stopped as son as I saw that.


Crime City

Write a short caption for this scene: See Jessie I told you if you just applied you chemistry you could get Mr Leopard pants to blow his foot off and his thugs to shoot them selfs. Leopard print man-tights AND a white, off-the-shoulder blouse before September?!?

Not all kills drop the item!

Gree is turning itself and its games into giant turds. Originally Posted by JeffinChi.

For that scenario it seems. Just another night on the job Is there elite mode crome this LTQ? But then they pulled me back in!! Celebrating One Year Without Incident! The method takes in a string for the type of string you want, and an integer for the length. Was only enough gold for first level of ltq: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

You’ve gotta be the last man standing. Canada In further news, Waste Management decided the new trash pickup day will be Tuesday.

I suppose if the powers that be have a sense of humor about them, there’s a chance. For example Lvl 11 needs us to collect “snow cover” helmet. Can I stop the countdown in quicken says only 8 sessions left. Tempers heated up this afternoon on the set of Step Up 58 during the final dance off finale.


Thanks for the lta article but can we also put some variable values to make it more exciting. My family are very nice people. You’re right, that was rude and insensitive.

Hoods and Hustlers LTQ Jobs and Rewards List – Crime City | Sans Pantalones

Welcome to crime city where one attacks others and then gets attacked himself. Though you are bleeding alone in the corner, Get back on your feet and fight for your honour!

Triggering him just makes me want more!!! Coming soon to your hood More server grredings and the And the destruction of what used to be a good game.

Little Billy was mortified, what has happened to his neighborhood? Thanks for the list. Mafia code England.

Crime city players take to the streets to show their lack of respect for Respect point prizes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.