Indeed it’s a learning experince for me to be part of the forum. Tim Strnad says Amps still being service by A. Submitted by John Werner on April 13, – If you need special assistance beyond the scope of this manual, please contact our Technical Support Group. Designed originally as an industrial device, it was made available as an audio amplifier rather as an afterthought. All input and output jacks are located on the back panel. This is very interesting when compared to a watt tube amp of the time, which would weigh at least pounds and perhaps be 35 inches tall — the gains were conspicuous. Clearly the larger the amplifier, other things being equal, the more faithful the sound.

The amps have as good or better bass control on large woofer than any amp ever made. I would venture to say that the Beast from the East has returned to destroy and eat all of your new crap digital gear. One the Crowns most sought after units. After the DC, any other power amp will be anticlimactic. What was noticeable, in fact, was a much firmer bass response from my KEF speakers. Pass Laboratories XA25 power amplifier.

Your name or email address: Product Key Features Number of Channels. Carver Research Lightstar Reference power amplifier. Even apart from its sound, the DC is built like the proverbial battleship, with the kind of attention to detail that makes all professional-type equipment seem so outrageously expensive until we find it still operating 20 years after the “competitively priced” audiophile equipment has succumbed to chronic parts disease. I did hear a Crown pre-power amp combination a few years back and was impressed with the power amp stage.

I’ve seen the manual but want to ask members of the forum specially those who have owned it if this amplifier is good for home listening? Records to Die For It has the muscle of the Crown with a more refined midrange and treble. The Crown DCA II 2 Channel Power Amplifier exceeds digital standards with its wide dynamic range and low noise level while providing a high damping factor for greater loudspeaker motion control.


Welcome It is a versatile choice for use in studios, laboratories, public facilities and on the road.

Crown DCA II 2 Channel Power Amplifier | eBay

Crown DCa Class A amp. The manufacturer claims that the DC is “protected against all the common hazards which plague high-powered amplifiers,” and as far as we could determine, this was the case. Review by Peter Maydew. Folks there didn’t think it was funny, and were clamoring for them. Gerald Stanley, then and now. I use the word “harsh,” other’s use different words to describe sound, that’s OK.

It used rugged, but slow output devices and huge amounts of negative feedback. The only problem is that they are outliving the people who know how to service them. If it can be obtained at a reasonable price and if it will be used in a non-critical situation then why not?

Most power amplifier manuals are of the “here’s the input, there’s the output, plug it in and switch on” variety, not this one. Some of the early adopters were makers of jet engines fatigue testing and makers of sonar transducers for the military.

That’s why I said that if you can get one cheap and use it in a non-critical listening situation then go for it. Not enough for those “super speakers”.

But if that roundabout approach is necessary to produce an audio amplifier like this, so be it. Many will find this amp perfectly good, and they are quite fine, just not the very best sounding amp IMHO today when competing with many audiophile amps of good quality. Not a bad amp in it’s time, but can be beat by today’s great designs now IMHO.

Threshold T power amplifier. Amplofier thought we had heard virtual perfection in power amplifiers before. Cant go wrong with a well built American made product.

Here’s a little folklore I heard about the DC not too long cc300a it had come out. In other cases, the improvement was so subtle as to be almost inaudible.


I won’t dispose of my IC till it dies, and then reluctantly. Correct me if I’m wrong. I saw a few blown-up units, but not nearly as many as other brands.

Crown Dc300a Series II Power Amplifier

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Some preamplifiers and tuners do however produce loud switch-on pops, and a few of them the Dyna PAT-4, for example will pop if the input selector switch is operated during the first several seconds after switch-on.

The Amcron is not cheap. One thing we are quite certain of, though, is that this amplifier has spoiled us. Crown assumes no liability whatsoever for ungrounded operation, nor for violation of UL or crowm electrical codes. Page of 25 Go. I couldn’t be happier with the sound, even though I’m still using a 36 year old Crown pre-amp!

What was noticeable, in fact, was a much firmer bass response from my KEF speakers.

History Files: The Crown DC300 Amplifier Leads The Solid-State Revolution

Stereophile’s Products of At least W average into 16 ohms in mono mode. The circuitry yields unparalleled sonic headroom thanks to the dynamic adjustment of the output system.

Performance The specifications are summarised in the box on this page. Indeed it’s a learning experince for me to be part of the forum.

This amp features a 1 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response and watts per channel, giving you enough power to blast sound in any room or outdoor venue.

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