He spends most of out movie screwing around with a series of stupid, empty headed bimbos that he physically abuses and treats like cheap hookers. Pictures are property of movie companies owner of the respective movies. We are not liable for the misuse or for inaccuracies contained within our news articles, horror reviews or interviews. The purpose of this music is to complement, support and integrate the sales messaging of the mini-movie that is a film trailer. There are currently no comments. Pontianak folklore The pontianak Dutch-Indonesian spelling: Kinda like dead mermaids left out in the sun too long after an toxic oil spill… and no amount of Dawn dish detergent or air fresheners are gonna fix it. It is also known as a matianak or kuntilanak , sometimes shortened to kunti.

Meanwhile, Sam mentions her recurring nightmares of a woman in a fire with a Kuntilanak to her boyfriend, Agung. Please see our terms and conditions for more. Murder a pregnant woman and she always comes back as a kuntilanak to seek revenge. Music from the score of other movies. Until then our plot lurches unevenly along as all the ghostly stuff gets underway. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Until then our plot lurches unevenly along as all the ghostly stuff gets underway. Page generated in 0. Seriously… I kid you not.

The film is the third in kuntilnaak trilogypreceded by Kuntilanak and Kuntilanak 2. Notify me of new posts via email. Indonesian FilmsReviews. In this movie, a student whose step-father molested her moves to a boarding house in a haunted area, this is followed by a series of killings. Ardo and all occupants of the house are plagued by the onset of strange events and terrorized by the Mermaid.

Trailers are now shown before the film or the Cuplikxn in a double feature begins. Speculations, news and other horror rumours contained at this site should be viewed for entertainment purposes only.


Are You Prepared To Face The Awful Horror Of KUNTILANAK MERMAID SPIRITS?

Jale wrote I watch mostly sf, horror and fantasy films, and simply I don’t have time for other genres. Appearance Pontianaks are usually depicted as pale-skinned women with long hair and dressed in white, but they are said to be able to take on a beautiful appearance since they prey on men. Notify me of new comments via email.

Popular or well-known music, often chosen for its tone, appropriateness of a lyric, or familiarity.

Widjoko Irene Racik Salamun as Mrs. The pontianak Dutch-Indonesian spelling: The loving couples were then staying at Villa Linda, along with two servants who are equally silly and funny, Olga and Ayu. Site developed and hosted by www. Sometimes music from other successful films or hit songs is used as a subconscious tie-in method. Monday, 25 February I watch mostly sf, horror and fantasy films, and simply I don’t have time for other genres. Kuntilanak is a Indonesian horror film directed by Rizal Mantovani.

On Stranger Tides’ into more humourous horror territoritory. Create your page here. Share your thoughts with this lil’ Catgirl!! Of some 10 billion videos watched online annually, film trailers rank third, after news and user-created video. Jimmy wants to marry his childhood sweetheart, Aspalela Yasmin Haniwho kuntilznak his feelings.

The Two TowersDragon: Share this video with your family and friends. One day I should contribute some of them, as I promise. Trailer music Trailer music a subset of production music is the background music used for film previewswhich is dilm always from the film’s soundtrack. The trailer below seems a bit shoddy and oddball and is has no subtitles so what’s actually going on is a mystery to us.

The story is set on the east coast of Sabah. Don’t forget Monaco with that! Just Added Ending Soon. This page kuntilaak text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Some data provided on this horror entertainment site is for reference purposes only.


The city of Pontianak in Indonesia is named after this creature, which was claimed to have haunted the first sultan who once settled there.

Half fish, half sexy Asian – this siren from the deep appears to invade the shore and send chills down the spines of all those who fear thy coconut-bra’d one. Please see our terms and conditions for more. Why not have your say!? A trailer also known as a preview or coming attraction is an advertisement or a commercial for a feature film that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema.

Mermaid duuyng a Malaysian fantasy comedy film that was released on 6 March But the beach was haunted by the spirit of a murdered woman Ayshah who has become a mermaid demon who causes much mischief as she seeks out her killer to get revenge for her untimely death. If the cry is soft, it means that the pontianak is close, and if it is loud, then it must be far.

Sule, arawh motorcycle is naive and silly throw away the blood and the placenta wife who just gave birth on the beach. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Plot Samantha “Sam” is an orphaned young woman who moves to an isolated boarding house in North Jakartatrying to avoid the advances of her pervert stepfather.

Trailer for Indonesian horror Arwah Kuntilanak Duyung – IMDb

Top 5 Horror Games. Ardo was so happy to have Linda, so he purchased a beach villa for his beloved wife. More on that later….