My husband even tried the tinikling dance at her wedding. As we headed into the second round auditions, I had occasion to speak to Alex over the phone and prep him for his scenes something I did for all the candidates, putting the scene in context and offering a character backstory to draw from. Honestly, FourClan was the first thing that came to mind and it resonated. To think I originally envisioned The Android character as male. Shaw, and conflicted creation. What were your favorite Supporting and Lead Performances for each cast member? I remember one of the days we must have filmed 15 pages of dialogue between Akita and Four. I like everything about him… so much that I would like to see more of him myself!

Our Production Designer, Ian Brock, designed the unique signature symbol that adorns the saya scabbard —. Concluding our Dark Matter Season 3 Awards with recognition of our amazing main cast and their performances big and small…. What was going through his mind? I was at my part time job at LA Fitness as a front desk receptionist. Atlantis was a young 13 year old Jodelle Ferland who played the role of precocious princess Harmony in the episode to the same name. Honestly, FourClan was the first thing that came to mind and it resonated. One of my favorite guest stars back on Stargate:

Thank you I had no cawt experience in weapons at all before Dark Matter but, yeah, I would love to mmatter more about the art of the Samurai. What were your favorite Supporting and Lead Performances for each cast member? Unlike a lot of the other actors who came in to audition, his read was incredibly cool and controlled. Also I was fascinated by the main female character, so different from most other female characters and at the same time so real.

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Try to take it away from him and THIS darj —. On the way to set, I watched that famous little kid who does the Bruce Lee impersonations multiple times and I hoped for the best once they called out action.


I do love malllari mystery. Where were you when you found out you got the role and how surprised or shocked were you when you heard? Does he trust them? I was wondering the two people who grew up with money are the two who were not accepting of the meal worms. I yelled and then I cried and then I went back to work.

Which parts of martial arts did you pick up the easiest and which were the most difficult? Fortunately, there was no need for bloodshed as I was not the only one to take note of her immense talent. Fans of the genre will no doubt recognize many familiar elements. Thanks for the kind words! Oh, sure, he packs a sidearm, but his preferred weapon is the katana — sometimes two.

Why or why not?

The gang Alex Mallari Jr. Almost every actor who auditioned for the part missed the spirit of the line, and then along came Roger Cross…. Four is much too calculated.

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Was that your first time being exposed to the swords? One of my favorite guest stars back on Stargate: You wanna race on the streets?

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wlex But it would all come down to that second round audition. Actor Alex Mallari Jr. Go to Russia and have yourself a blast… the autobahn has nothing on everyday Russian streets. Thank you so much… season two is going to be a blast! It was also a great opportunity for me to learn a little about the actors — and after my conversation with Alex, I knew we could have something special in him.

The bridge consoles were in, the corridors lit, and there was even some preliminary playback on the screens. Maloari wanted him to succeed. I had a man-bun and beard just before we started filming! FOUR continually surprises me. I have a chihuahua as well named Chico.

Is that scene a look into what the backgrounds of Two and Three are. Roger has a natural warmth and nowhere is it more evident on screen that in this wonderful exchange. I really hope to capture her colorfulness, her attitude, her desperate inner resistance, and the way she reflects the heaviness and rottenness of the whole era. But when her stepson returns to Montreal with the beautiful Safiye, Anne struggles to keep her secrets hidden as she develops a dangerous obsession that could destroy the privileged life she has built.


If so, how did your ankles fair? There was more dialogue involved so it was a mouthful too.

Not sure but it might! You must be logged in to post a comment. But growing up loving Anime, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. What I would love to try are more aerials and some crazy hand-to-hand stuff think Wing Chun. Thankfully we have amazing writers that are flawlessly able to have Four speak just enough at all times without giving away too much.

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Yesterday, it was one final stroll through the sets and then we locked aelx for the holidays. Why are you vegan? Does he have any regrets over his actions? He has a reason for all of his actions.

This character pays tribute to the many inspirations that helped shape the creation and development of the series: The nunchakus I did on the fly.

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Women are gorgeous all over the world! Do you feel since Two suggested the worms and Three kept eating that means these two did not grow up with silver darm Ultimately, however, it came down to the second round audition…. Thanks as always for your time, Alex!