Agent shadows him as they walk into the Embassy. The enraged Vlad picks up his kilij and charges Sun Tzu, who pulls out his Jian and clashes with the warrior king. As the Zande Warrior catches up to him, the Aztec Jaguar swings the Maquahuitl, cutting through the Zande’s shield like butter, which surprises the Zande. In one building, a member of the SWAT team sets up his taser shockwave and hides in another room. Jesse James dusts off his hat and shouts “Yee-ha! The armor falls over and Vlad goes to investigate, only to find that he shot a decoy. Meanwhile, the head Pirate sees a car with cocaine and a bag of money. He quickly sets up the detonator and then hides in the back and waits for the Israeli Commandos.

Jesse shoots Capone’s man with the revolver, catching him off guard. He gets back up and swings the Sagaris, but the Celt parries and hits him twice with the Burda Club. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia’s inclusion policy. This is a list of episodes for season 2 of Deadliest Warrior. Alexander rides by Attila’s bowman, impaling him with the Xyston and giving a shout of satisfaction. Both he and Pablo Escobar try to make a run for it. Amidst the gunfire, Jesse James’s other henchman steals a Winchester rifle from one of the cabinets and lays down some suppressing fire while Jesse and Frank retreat further into the museum. He pulls out a Stingball Grenade and throws it into the room.

This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat The Zande Warrior yells out a battle cry which echoes throughout the area. The Israeli Commando next to him sees him die, but shrugs it off. He falls over and rolls down the hill.

The Celt gets back up and draws his Long Sword and Burda club. A shot of the Wallachian countryside is shown as terrible sounds and screaming are heard off-screen. He turns around to see that Capone has caught up. He tries again, and succeeds in hitting the Zande’s shield.

The battle ddeadliest with members of a Viet Cong cell bringing in the beaten leader of the Nazi Waffen SS team as a prisoner.

Realizing he has been beat, Capone slowly stands up with his deadlist in the air. The Rajput jumps back and tries to strike with his Aara, but the Centurion blocks with his shield. He tries to pistol whip Capone, but Capone blocks the swing and counters with a punch in the gut with cs brass knuckles. The Mongol starts to ride to the abandoned horse when the Comanche ambushes him by tackling him from a rock, throwing him from his horse.


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The Waffen SS leader grimaces as he watches his comrade fall and sees his still-twitching corpse. He hurls the grenade over the desk and quickly hides again.

The battle starts out with Vlad sneaking up to Sun Tzu’s campsite, where Sun Tzu has sat down to a cup of tea. The Musketeer shot ve the Pole Gun is assisted in getting back onto his feet, only to be shot in the head by another Ming Warrior’s Pole Gun.

Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. Deadliest Warrior season 1 Deadliest Warrior season 3. This article has multiple issues. Retrieved from ” https: The exhausted, crippled, and deadliesh general drops to his knees as Vlad raises his sword over his head, but stops in mid-swing from decapitating his victim. The two remaining Musketeers hear him as they approach the rock.

One of the Ming Soldiers opens up the Nest of Bees and launches a barrage of arrows at the Musketeers. The rifleman attempts to shoot Capone, but is killed by the explosion of the Pineapple Grenade before he gets a chance. As the Zande Warrior catches up to him, the Aztec Jaguar swings the Maquahuitl, cutting through the Zande’s shield like butter, which surprises the Zande. The Capone Gang enter and, while marveling the exhibit, are suddenly ambushed by the James Gang.

The GSG 9 member then proceeds to remove the taser hooks from his teammate. The head Pirate signals for him to run after the remaining Cartel members. He fires an arrow in retaliation and hits the Aztec Jaguar in the chest, but the arrow does not penetrate the cotton armor. He pulls out a Stingball Grenade and throws it into the room. This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Al Capone’s men come out of cover and begin chasing them, with Capone dusting off his hat and following close behind.


The Mongol spots the Comanche and swings his mace, which impacts on the cave wall as the Comanche dodges. The Celt raises his Long Sword and points at the other chariot, signaling his charioteer to advance. This list which may have dates, numbers, etc. He distracts the Immortal with the Long Sword, and then hits the Immortal with the club.

Long SwordLanceaSlingBurda.

SWAT vs. GSG-9

Above him, the Impaler watches him, preparing his steel crossbow. The Immortal falls to the floor, but manages to roll over and block the Long Sword with the Sagaris. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The hook Pirate spots him as he charges and tries to fight back with his Grappling Hook. However, the head Pirate is unaware that Pablo Escobar, who is behind the car, is still alive.

The angered Viet Cong leader cocks his Tokarev and prepares to execute the Waffen SS leader, but the rest of the Waffen SS squad jumps in and fires at the camp with MP 28 submachine guns and bolt-action rifles. Sun Tzu jumps down from the tree, but is promptly stabbed in the thigh by Vlad’s halberd.

Alexander approaches Attila and is promptly stabbed through the neck. He grabs his Lancea and tries to distance himself from the chariot. The Immortal runs towards the Celt, but the Celt picks up his Lancea just as the Immortal approaches him. While she is still standing, C. The Somali Pirate eventually manages to shoot Escobar in the left shoulder, who falls to the floor and lies motionless.

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He turns around and sees two Viet Cong soldiers closing in, so he quickly runs further into the jungle. He hears the horn and makes his way toward the garage. Views Read Edit View history. The two Waffen SS make their way to a small river.