Bollyviewer September 19, at Old friend Bill comes to visit unexpectedly one day and asks Shekhar to store his locked briefcase for a while. Dharmputra Shashi Kapoor, Mala Sinha. Akayla Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Shroff. Watch it for the great songs and the lovely lead-pair but dont expect a riveting story and too many fun dialogues. I wondered, maybe his lack of money is partly due to his penchant for curlers and fashionable cloths? Posted by Bollyviewer at

Trishna Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar. Check my response to toonfactory above for a link to the movie online. Friday, August 29, Deewangee – Beware of diamonds! Ijaazat Naseeruddin Shah, Rekha. Trishul Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar. Love all the curls and curler jokes: Filmi Girl September 2, at Pakhandi Shashi Kapoor, Zeenat Aman.

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And yes, national treasures should be protected at all costs – lets go hunting for the all-important curlers NOW, and steal a march on the Villains. It seems to suffer from what Beth calls the curse of the second half, though. Posted by Bollyviewer at Couldnt believe I never knew of it till Rajshri decided to put it up on inline site.

Akayla Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Shroff. We are none of us to covet wealth. Two sets of villains headed by George Madan Puri and Munne Khan Narendranath are also on the mpvie for the diamonds and arent above threatening Shekhar and his loved ones to get to them. Trishna Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar. There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip, however, as Shekhar soon discovers.


Naina Shashi Kapoor, Moushumi Chatterjee. Nicki August 30, at 9: One night when they return from their jaunt, Shekhar discovers a beautiful stowaway – Kanchan Zeenat Amaan – soaking their pristine back seat. That way lies destruction of epic proportions! Onlkne Shashi Kapoor, Mala Sinha. Mukti Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar. Bepanaah Shashi Kapoor, Poonam Dhillon.

I didn’t say it. And yes, you’ve hit on the right explanation for his poverty here – must take a fortune to be perfectly curled and clothed! I love the pictures with them in the car and on the motorcycle.

Shashi, Zeenat, Ranjit and Helen look beautiful as ever. Turns out that in return for her kindness to him, Birju has offered her the shelter of Shekhar’s home.

The movie starts out as comparatively interesting. After defwangee he is all expansive hospitality and smiles.

The soundtrack though previously unheard by me is surprisingly good. Rahu Ketu Premnath, Pran. Muqaddar Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar. This is definitely Shashilicious cracktastic! Kranti Dilip Kumar, Hema Malini.

Anayou are welcome! I think I’ll have to check out the song picturizations before committing to the entire film – still curly-topped Shashi, Helen, Zeenat Shekhar writes to her Uncle who placed the ad and does his best to keep Kanchan from leaving till her Uncle and his reward arrive.

Reviewermy sentiments exactly! It’s a crack and I’m a junkie. onlinne

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The disaster isnt long in coming. No matter how bad the script and direction, it must be seen. Raiszaada Shashi Kapoor, Asha Parekh. OK OK he has not overcome the handicap of poverty but you wouldnt think so if you saw his wardrobe and how perfectly his hair have been curled!


Anjaam Hema Malini, Rajan Sippy. Beth September 18, at 2: Commando Shashi Kapoor, Mandakini. The next day Shekhar finds out that Bill was murdered after leaving him.

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Now, I am the first to condone Shashi-love in anybody but movue that Ranjit looks as hot if not hotter than Shashi, it is rather inexplicable, here! Handsome he certainly was but nobody could accuse him of being a body-beautiful! I love the way producers plug themselves in the movie credits. Check my response to toonfactory above for a link to the movie online. Shekhar is unimpressed by Kanchan’s beauty he isnt supposed to be blind but he must be or her distress what a jerk! Bajrangbali Biswajeet, Shashi Kapoor.

She succeeds so well in this that Shekhar would rather have her than a few grand in cash. O well good food can do this to the best of us – naan and butter chicken anyone?