Unfortunately Aradhna witnessed one of the moments with Sameera and Shailendra and totally broke up. The show is set to launch on 20 January Monday through Friday 9: Their mother died, their father ruthlessly abandoned them, and they are left to fend for themselves. History Pradhana Vizha first started in as “Prime 12 Awards” to honor both Malay and Indian artistes, it was later separated into two different award ceremonies. Mangamma had a job of chef in a 3-star hotel. However Muskaan’s mother, Tara Deepshikha does not like Muskaan’s marriage with Rohan as they fight a lot while Rohan’s family loves Muskaan a lot. She is often a victim of circumstances, but each time she faces the challenge and finally emerges a winner.

The show debuted on 20 September , airing on weekend nights at 8: Plot summary 20 years ago, Meera’s Mother ran away from her husband’s house as her husband, Meera’s father, got her engaged and married to a boy named Prithvi who was an orphan found on the steps of a temple. It is first Serial in Indian and Tamil Television to focus solely on adolescence and school life and became a trend setter and topped the TRP for Tamil serials. Cricket on television Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Jersey No. It completed 5-year run as of February It aired Monday through Saturday at 5: The Times of India. The series was produced by Radaan Mediaworks Raadhika and directed by R.

This serial also re-telecast on same Channel It airs Monday through Friday at During this stage, contestants sing a song or two before a panel of preliminary state audition judges.

Durgesh Nandinii topic Durgesh Nandinii is an Indian television series that aired on Sony TV, which is loosely based on Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s novel Durgeshnondini, the first Bengali romance and the first ever novel in Bengali that was published in Mixture of humor, seriousness and turns made this drama a big hit.

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Sakthi TV series topic Sakthi Tamil: Set against this unique backdrop, the normal domestic lives and daily chores of three generations living together make the show ideal bait for a rib-tickling comedy series with endless possibilities. The show is produced by Avni Telemedia and also the story writer, creative head and producer by Kushboo.


The series premiered on 21 Julyand is produced by Bollywood film comedy-actor Paresh Rawal.

The show starring by S. See also Epidode of program The show starts when St Xavier’s school has organised a play along with St Mary’s school.

Her fight against her old and new enemies is the story line. The series was directed by Sudharsan, K. The storyline is like a tale of two families. Bala imagines Shivani as his older sister Malli who’s dead.

The Rasamaneeswarar temple in this village is a wonder. Kana Kaanum Kaalangal Tamil: After all, Nikita reasons, it is Neha who always wanted the quiet family life. Pestered by her sisters, Sonia gives in and tells them that his name is Veexu ji even though Raghav and Sonia don’t know each other.

Kalyanam TV series topic Kalyanam may refer to: The second season sequel and next generation story of Kalyana Parisu 1 reflect the lives of Vidhya and Ashok son of Gayathri. It aired Monday through Friday at 9: The moment he enters, he is appalled at the functioning of the hospital. He hates books and loves Nature.

Nila stays with Kokila and Ramkumar and loves them like her parents and the couple reciprocates it.

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Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field fro And to hide the secret Data tells all his villagers of Hardoi that his wife and daughter died in front of his very eyes in a river.

My Name Is Mangamma Tamil: Indian mythological television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Devon Ke Dev Their mother died, their father ruthlessly abandoned them, and they are left to fend for themselves.


Deivamagal topic Deivamagal lit. Television series navigational boxes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Hubahu: The Times Of India.

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Plot This is a story of aspiration, identity, revenge and triumph! The show starred Srithika, Apsar, Ekavalli and Jeyaram.

When Shah Rukh Khan stole hearts and the show thabdha ‘Fauji'”. Tamil historical television series Revolvy Brain episoode revolvybrain’s feedback about Sivasankari TV series: The show premiered on 20 December Plot summary Thanfha story revolves around Saravanan and Meenatchi who are poles apart in terms of personality, background, attitudes towards life, etc. The third season featured a different story and cast broadcast from 18 Drivam Gayathri TV series topic Gayathri Tamil: But he realizes that he is too old for her when he overhears her talking to her boyfriend Sidharth Vendhar TV Youtube in Tamil.

Jeet did not touch the money, it was up to the contestants to move the money around, whether placing it on the trapdoors or removing it. This temple was built up by the Siddhars and the worship is as per their guidance. DD does not accept Sid because she thinks he is a ‘poor’ man, but he is actually from a much more rich family, and is pretending to be poor to clear Roshni’s misconception that rich people are heartless fpisode spoilt. The show was hosted by Jeet. Tamil-language television programs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Sondha Bandham: Due to some twists and turns she is forced to wear the uniform again.

Amar Marathe Cardiologist Ram Kapoor Plot This is a story of Vishali Madhumithaa Chennai girl, and the problems she faces in her family and office.