The programme is aimed for ages 6—12 [1] and commenced on 7 September and ended on 2 March after 52 episodes. Dennis plays a prank on the citizens of Beanotown, causing them to evacuate, which causes trouble for Dennis later. Dennis sneaks out with a special tiger-catching contraption and heads off for an adventure. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Dennis gets a pet pal for Gnasher to keep him company while he’s at school: Views Read Edit View history.

Dennis has to find a way to inject some fun back into the holiday for everyone without getting thrown out in the process – and a treasure hunt looks like just the golden menacing opportunity he’s been after. Has Dennis met his match, or will his new found friend, the loopy female inventor Flossy save the day? When aliens with the ability to disguise themselves as anything arrive on earth disguised as television sets and seeking help, Dennis and Gnasher are keen to help out, on the understanding that they can help him too, by using their disguises for menacing! Can Dennis and Gnasher save the day? The Trial Animated adventures. When Dennis breaks an ancient sarcophagus, Walter tricks the town into thinking he let loose ‘the curse of the menace’. Gnasher has a crisis of confidence when dog astronaut Kutta, ‘the world’s greatest dog’, comes to town. Dennis and Gnasher are fired off in a space pod and become secret agents for a day.

With one backstage pass for a Ratbucket gig, Dennis and his friends pass themselves off as Ratbucket, so the real Ratbucket isn’t able to play at his own concert.

The Trial Animated adventures. Mayor Scrimp bans skateboarding so the Menaces make sure he loses the next election. Dennis, Curly and Epispdes Face set up a scheme to stop this from happening.

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A new series has been announced by the BBC and was debuted eisodes The further nine episodes are yet to be released. The third book Rollercoaster Riot was released on 7 August Retrieved from ” https: However, Athena is standing for none of it. They dress Gnasher up as a student and claim he is a mastermind produced by the school.


Gnashershe wants him. Meanwhile, Dennis’ dad tries to cure Gnasher of his fleas. Dennis and Walter are both trying to get a press pass to see the cup final so Dennis tries to make his own news stories. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dennis and Gnasher are on a mission to find Walter’s pet rabbit after Gnasher scares it away. In attempt to keep cool on a hot day, Dennis’ gang dig their own pool in Dennis’s backyard.

Dennis and his friends enter a contest rhe get Gnasher a new drum set. He also got his catapult and peashooter back and uses them directly at them. A ruthless oil baron swindles Dennis’s family out of their home. Similar programmes By genre: Dennis uses curtains as a giant sail, not knowing its specially for the kitchen and loses denniss to the Colonel.

Dennis joins the fairy freedom fighters as the tooth fairies’ world is overrun by goblins. De Testa swaps their families for a day. It’s up to Dennis, Gnasher and Angel Face to expose the truth and get Gran back to her wily self and to put Walter back in his place. More importantly, how do Dennis and Walter get their furry friends back to their usual scruffy and sleek selves?

Unfortunately, he has to kiss Angel Face, so he uses fake snot to stall it. Butler also released audio books for the first three titles. British Academy of Film and Television Arts. It’s parents’ evening at Dennis’ school and Walter is staying the night. After one of Dennis’s pranks vbbc Walter in detention, Walter’s parents invite Dennis and mdnace parents over for dinner to trick the menace into confessing.

Gnasher is accused of being a rat by the Colonel’s cousin. There were fears that Dennis could be seen as homophobic or at the least bullying Walter about his effeminacy, sparking fears and criticism that the show has been toned down for reasons of political correctness.


Monster Menace Animated adventures. An outbreak of the super infectious Beanotown Cold, leaves Dennis the only student at school which turns into a nightmare for him. Dennis is forced by his mum and dad to go for a haircut at Slasher Brown’s barber shop.

Dennis the Menace looks unrecognisable in new make-under look for overseas show

Dennis’s dad is to sick to come to work, so Dennis hands in a sick note to find out what Dad’s work life is like While Bea is trying out the last daycare on Mum’s meenace. However, the canister leaks, causing Gnasher to menxce laughing gas and having everyone laughing.

Retrieved 19 September Dennis the Menace Series 2 Episodes Episode guide. To get his friends back from Walter’s group, Dennis challenges Walter to a video games battle. Episodes of yhe one are available on two, separate volumes each containing two episodes. Retrieved November 23, The school is having take a kid to work day and Dennis is working with Sgt.

Curly doesn’t attend band practice and Dennis finds out that this is because of a plan by Walter to sabotage the Dinmakers, involving a collectible series. Dennis’ parents hire Nanny Moonbeam, a hippy who has an unusual and peaceful way of curing Dennis’ bad behaviour.

This article may require cleanup to eipsodes Wikipedia’s quality standards. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Has Wpisodes met his match, or will his new found friend, the loopy female inventor Flossy save the day? Pie Face and Walter’s voice actors have also been changed. Series 2 has incorporated Dennis’ newly designed parents from weekly comic The Beano.

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