Secrets will be revealed. Take it or walk away? Thorny Tangle by argentorum reviews When a young Ruby ends up all alone on the streets of Vale, she receives help from a very unlikely source. Story The story is about a high school boy who is a brilliant detective and is inspired by the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. And when offered with the chance to bring back the official GoM, how will Kuroko respond? Together, they will work hard, push each other, and unlock their true potential. William the Land in Doon From:

Cosmic Composite by liketolaugh reviews With the entry of metahumans into the public sphere, the fight for basic human rights has begun, and there’s more than one interested party. The Dragneel Siblings by khr reviews Tsuna was sent to the world of Mages after his world was destroyed. Pierceman offered her a way to escape erasure. He’s the Wild Card, after all. Look out Beacon, Naruto Uzumaki’s coming for ya. He was perfectly content to sit in his home, work his normal job, study at a normal school, and in his free time, tinker read: Can’t a guy get a break? Years later, he is recovered as a soldier from the terrorist organization.

And why does he so often get confused with a ‘Celestial Spirit Mage? Reach Out by Vegeta the 3rd reviews A chance decision leads to an unlikely discovery. On hiatus due to lack of inspiration. A Naruto neglect fic, might have incest in the future. Haruhi never knew it could feel so conaj to let someone else be in control. Persona 4 told the story from the Wildcard’s perspective; this is the Emperor’s story. Goblin Slayer Bio Thread.

The unlucky someone happens to be a certain shrunken high school detective. When their paths crossed atop the water, the fate of Rieze Maxia was changed forever. The Great Emperor by Kuroki94 reviews After he love got reject he went to Dimension Gap, the place he pick up the fight the mighty dragon everyone feared The Great Red.


They were willing to do anything to make sure that they didn’t die out. Read on to find out! Sometimes with body and sometimes with spirit. Or will he defy the odds that separate them? But instead of becoming a Counter Guardian, he is thrust headfirst into a dying world where Magecraft never existed and the Three Factions maintain a tenuous peace that seems all too likely to break.

Different Medaka, but the same. I’m sorry If I don’t answer my phone anymore when you call, to listen to you cry for hours, instead of getting a couple hours of sleep before work. Bored after living so long, he looks for someone to keep him entertained.

Darling, your ring is missing by nubivagantNefelibata reviews “Kaneki? All he wants to do now is live a normal life and after three years he did just that.

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But, now they must prepare for War as a message from a universe nearly identical to their own sends videos of their past and this universes’ future. Of course, a certain someone shows and things take a turn in a completely different direction To commit the perfect murder, without being caught in the process.

His sudden, strange proposal leaves Robin in a confused state, though. It was already at the end of the line for Touma. Beneath the Mask, Past the Pawns by Fatal-fame reviews Issei knew he would get in a lot of trouble for his behavior one day, that was just a fact of life. He wakes up every morning, feeds Taiga, goes to school, does after school stuff, comes home, feeds Taiga, and then practices his Magecraft to become a hero.

Enemies will be met. A New Conxn of Misfortune by Itherael reviews Kamijou Touma had faced 27 difficult situations, meeting along neanime way both allies and enemies, however, there had been something deep nwanije of him that always remained the same. And he grew up by their example. Red is deteftive for a way out of his sealed fate. But things have changed as of late. Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa.


It didn’t matter to him as long as he found those two that took everything away from him. Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!

Now accepted into Beacon at age 15, Ruby will strive to show the world that being a Faunus is not a sin. All she needs to do, is wait. These are the words of his predecessors of the Kyuubi, now, Naruto will find out how powerful love really is. Cosmic Composite by liketolaugh reviews With the entry of metahumans into the public sphere, the fight for basic human rights has begun, and there’s more than one interested party.

Pokemon Episode 279 (Uncut Japanese Version) (Subtitled) Part 2/2

Hang on, what the heck are Magi? You just have to ask the right way. He would defend any in his path with two blades, one black as night and the other white as snow. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of 13 children of the original Shepherds.

They say traits sometimes detectie a generation, so when Naruto used Mokuton in a show-and-tell it shouldn’t have come as a surprise Writing standards may not be consistent with current projects. Persona – Compendium by DevinePhoenix reviews Awoken at the Dawn of the Dark Hour on a bloody bridge, Minato had always known of the presence of Death tucked up against his soul. With no memory of her past, nothing can absolve her of a crime she has no memory of committing, and nothing can prepare epizode for the events in store.