In the traveling troupe they were in, Gong Gil was used as a way to get more earnings by selling his body but Jang Saeng was against it. A contemporary remake would be something along the lines of Global Frequency. Even so, I would have found a way to watch it anyway, you know. INoi , Jun 28, Incidentally, hell yeah we’re facebook friends! There’s not enough coke in California to explain that. Sign In Sign Up. It made me want to pick up the piano again.

But I have no direct memory of watching the show. Do you already have an account? And Ivan Tors was the link between the exotic vehicle shows and the exotic crimefighting animal shows, like: INoi , Jun 28, I have got no time for that. I also took note of the flashback to the SF earthquake, where the narrator’s brusque boss tells him that he is a terrible stockbroker and should change careers The second son of the Huo’s empire. See, this is the only shirtless, sax-playing guy I ever picture.

Why Why Love / 換換愛

Bought a cheap box set of Knight Rider series 1 recently mainly because the theme tune is so good – the riff! The acting was superb – and Jun Ki makes a pretty good female. I already watch Devil besides you and I really really love the story and the charactor of them both. I wanted to watch veog.

My sister borrowed it from a friend. It stars Ella ChenWu Chunand Jiro Wang and it has that theme where a girl poses as a guy because of a veoj, and then confusion arises and so does the question “Am I gay?

I demand respect for M. Million times better than “Airwolf”. Here is the link of deliciousfansubs http: Wai Wai Noodles devul, Aug 19, Even so, it’s one of my favorites.


This is where hilarity ensues, because he’s in his late twenties although I have no idea why it wasn’t obvious that he wasn’t young, well it is a drama. It’s immediately obvious that Chuck Wagner really enjoyed his time on the show. How awesome, I love her! Larson had hit after hit and it seemed he could do no wrong.

Manimal, light of my television, fire of my loins. I remember when StreetHawk came out a few years after Knight Rider; even though me and my buddies were about 10, we all knew that some dumb TV person had sat down somewhere and thought “They did a show about a car that was a big hit, how about we do a show about a Bike!

Can someone give me a brief summary of what happened between where HD shows up at JD’s school in ep 6 to ep 8? That only lasted a few episodes but I remember digging it.

I link to it whenever possible. In actuality, I had started it earlier on the year but had stopped after the first three episodes but recently decided to give it another try, this time with my sister.

As the drama progressed, it got better, though. Great drama I love it so much. Even though it’s based on a manga, the Taiwanese got to it first. The love between us – if you take away the “money” elementwhat will be left of it? It’s cute, funny, and neat.

I really really love them! His mother passed away shortly suffering from depression. The theme bfside was a re-write of the murder ballad “The Everglades”, a minor hit for the Kingston Trio.


KellyJul 27, RM all the way!!! You don’t have to count me in. But so far I know you can find episodes on youtube and on crunchyroll.

veoh – devil beside you 8 subssss

Sorry Rimmer, you’re still the best, but not the first. Friday, August 15, It Started with a Kiss. The funky transformation sequence. Oh man, used to not understand why people liked Devil Beside You and then didn’t want to watch it. Other than one kid who watched it at the same time as me, I’ve never come across anyone else who remembered Lucan. devill

RM-these two tease each other. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s 11 episodes long and I think I might have downloaded the bit torrent for this.

My Girl: Episodes 1-16 with English Subtitles

How i wish i am jia di. When debil night has been too lonely And the road has been too long And you think that love is only For the lucky and the strong Just remember in the winter Far beneath the bitter snow Lies the seed that with the sun’s love In the spring epissode the rose – The Rose, Bette Midland. Unfortunately, the confession letter is delivered to the school bully, played by Mike. I wanted to post this for everyone.