The individual stories range from the cute and charming to the risque to the violent. The Discovery Channel should be ashamed for trying to gouge the public by selling their scraps from one bad documentary as a standalone feature. Have you ever pondered the experience of a dinosaur unexpectedly tripping off a prehistoric psychedelic mushroom? Violence was a fact of life for dinosaurs. Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K. That being said, I’m a fan of those programs. Carnivores abound, especially in the skin of Tyrannosaurus Rex, whom makes multiple appearances.

Add to wish list. Sadly, Dinotasia lacks any of the gorgeous real-world photography seen in that series and settles for some rather poor CG leftovers from another dino-related Discovery Channel miniseries called Dinosaur Revolution from And is there some archeologist or paleontologist out there insisting that a hapless mother dinosaur would go decapitate a noisy neighbor so that she could get a little shuteye with her sweet offspring napping nearby? You may also like Let’s just jettison the second half of that statement as press agent hype, but that “latest scientific thinking” element is really interesting. If this were cheap, it’d be a moderate recommendation, but at the ridiculous price they’re asking, I can’t imagine paying to own it. But some of the more “traditional” behemoths look frankly ludicrous some of the time, something that works consistently against this being anything other than comedy relief. No, this film is far to flamboyant for that.

Dinotasia Blu-ray, Special Features and Extras. There aren’t many extras to speak of, but the ones that are included will entertain those who enjoyed the film. The extra features on this disc are fairly minimal. Into the Spider-Verse 4K. February 227: The apps are synchronized with your account at Blu-ray. Carnivores abound, especially in the skin of Tyrannosaurus Rex, whom makes multiple appearances.

To those who still believe the T-Rex is king of all dinosaurs, prepare to be surprised. Dinogasia in your details below or click an icon to log in: November 79: In short, I don’t think that this film delivers dinotaasia different from the TV programs from which it sprung.

Dinotasia Blu-ray

How to Train Your Dragon: Blu-ray rating Video 3. However, its the dinosaur itself whom truly stands the ultimate test of time. Dinosaurs evidently did not suffer fools gladly, especially other foolish dinosaurs that had the temerity to, say, howl ry whatever it is that dinosaurs did at the moon.


Audiences have become so used to stellar CGI these days that anything less than top flight quality is usually met with critical brickbats. But certainly something more insightful could have been imparted dinotassia. You may also like Don’t miss out on these great deals.

Dinotasia Blu-ray

There is the rub. Even today, some nearly 20 years later, the film holds up spectacularly to the test of time. Dragon Ball Super The Movie: Krentz has been working in high end CG animation for a while, and most recently was part of the art team for Disney’s John Carter. The film is more a collection of vignettes that play to a common reviwe, rather than one, continuously flowing linear narrative.

Violence was a fact of life for dinosaurs. There is nothing to learn from Dinotasia other than how NOT to make a documentary.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet 4K. We see dinosaurs in love, we see dinosaurs seeking revenge more than oncewe even see a dinosaur eat a magic mushroom and go on a crazy trip that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on film, but what we don’t get is a coherent storyline or the kind of animation quality that would distinguish this film from its TV predecessors. The animation may be a bit below expectation, but I’m confident that this disc conveys every single pixel that the filmmakers intended. Always a treat, occasionally perplexing, Herzog seemingly can do no wrong, whether he makes sense to you or not.

Do scientists really know what sounds some of these creatures made, specifically the almost human mewing that rsy young dinosaurs make in various episodes here when, for example, they’re separated from their parents or are mortally wounded?

The dinosaur has been a fascination with myself, like with so many both young and old. That being said, I’m a fan of those programs.

Imagine this, and once you stop laughing, you may be close to what you can expect from DINOTASIA… a daring, nonsensical, surprisingly non-fictional faux documentary film. Some elements, typically the dinosaurs more on the bird side of the equation, look pretty good, if occasionally ridiculously close to what someone like Chuck Jones or Tex Avery might come up with after a bit of a bender.


Dinotasia Blu-ray Review A new theory of extinction. All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

Artistically and technically speaking, the animation and design is commendable. The larger ones lack the weight and presences you experience in Jurassic Park, and the smaller faster creatures jump around the screen almost as if they are missing frames of animation. Dinotasia Blu-ray, Video Quality.

Blu-ray Review: DINOTASIA Does The Impossible, It Wastes Werner Herzog

Rather incredibly, the original series that Dinotasia is more or less left over from Dinosaur Revolutiontook upwards of three years to produce, and yet the animation here is shockingly disparate in quality, perhaps at least somewhat due to the fact that these are in fact “leftovers” that were never aired in the actual series.

This web site is not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association. But some of the more “traditional” behemoths look frankly ludicrous some of the time, something that works consistently against this being anything other than rya relief. A Star Is Reviea.

Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. To this, I confess they are hit and miss, but to find such a film presenting itself in a documentary fashion, but doing so with a sense of humor is refreshing. Notify me of new posts via email. There are moments of pristine brilliance but just as many other moments of poor compression, jaggies, soft focus, and murky contrast, not to mention the dated CGI that you would expect from a high school filmstrip.

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