He was the second eldest of ten children. The new costume looks more flexible, so I expect better action this time. The name “Captain B” is also depicted on the medallion. It was intentionally done to drum beat the promotions for the upcoming series. He has eight siblings. He tries to practice weight training and exercise to improve his physique, but his poor status prevents him to do it properly. Like Darna, he also had an alter-ego named Tengteng, a thin, weakling and asthmatic person whose only dream was to become strong and muscular.

There are these 2 other Metro Manila Film Festival e The original version of Captain Barbell depicted him as shirtless because during the more whimsical comics age in the Philippines that occurred in the s Silver Age , Mars Ravelo based the good Captain’s look on circus strongmen, but with the addition of a mask. Richard Gutierrez reprises his role as Captain Barbell and his alter ego, Teng, and is now joined by a new league of extraordinary beings with unique superpowers. There had been a few more Captain Barbell serials that followed, the last one running in the pages of Pilipino Komiks from Captain Barbell and his alter-ego Tenteng each has a separate identity and portrayal. Professor from Another Timeline December 15, at First of all, this version originated the familiar yellow costume that would be associated with CB for years to come. Anonymous March 28, at 5:

Filipino Superhero Series: Captain Barbell

Contrary to initial assumption of critics, Captain Barbell is not an alien. Years later, these tenants begin to discover their newfound gifts with some of them choosing to harness their superpowers for good, others for evil. Coincidentally, Ruffa Mae Quinto also had a role in this film as a supervillain named Freezy, an icy temptress with cold-based powers.

Like in Smallville where they’re forming the Justice League. In this way, it would me more accurate hopefully than TV adaptations. Can you spell my name?


Captain Barbell

The problem was that the show was deliberately making itself look like a bad rip-off, and they were insulting their viewers by assuming no one would notice. Led by veteran actor and Richard’s real life father Eddie Gutierrez, the Liga ng Kalayaan are Bianca King as Barbll, General Armando’s fearless assistant; Mike Tan as Teban, a former thief-turned-ally captaih Captain Barbell; Jake Vargas as Alden, a young superhero with a top as his weapon of choice; Bea Binene as Misha, another young superhero who wields power with her sword; and Frencheska Farr as Celina, the superheroine with a sonic voice.

You can view this serial’s first chapter posted at Unang Labas. He also appeared in Kampeon Komiks Champion Comics. Randy Albert June 29, at But fromCB reappeared in Gilbert Monsanto’s online fan-comic Barbelo “War”which featured him fighting alongside several classic and modern Pinoy comic book characters.

Teng grows up frail, poor and constantly longing for the love and care folphy his parents who ignore him. Captain Barbell’s alter-ego was called “Ting-ting”, played by Dolphy, because he was so thin. Regine Velasquez made a cameo as Darna.

The first few Captain Barbell movies were faithful to the original comics. And of course, Lastikman was inspired by Plastic Man. Naturally, Tenteng’s garbell change dramatically when he finds the magic barbell that transforms him into “Captain Barbell” spelled with quotation marks back then.

Freeze and Poison Ivy.

Pinoy Superheroes Universe: The TRUTH About CAPTAIN BARBELL

Duy October 10, at 8: He has eight captaih. My Last Blog Post Here. Ravelo vent out a sort of retaliation on the Captain Marvel character.

The barbell remains in the bottom of the sea until another worthy person finds it and wields its power. Art by Reno Maniquiscourtesy of CapsuleZone.

Filipino Superhero Series: Captain Barbell – FFE Magazine

The series premiered on May 29,and last aired on January 12, It may also refer to: In the film, Captain Barbell’s psychic projection tells his host, Enteng, that the barbell’s metal is forged from a fragment of a magic rock that fell to the earth from space. His third wish was for the genie to become small again. Indeed, prior to Enteng finding the barbell, CB is already established in the film as a well-known comic book character.


In the original Captain Barbell komiks series May 23, — June 18,and in the first movie, Tenteng was a laughable skinny young man very much maltreated by his four step-brothers, Bruno, Badong, Baldo and Banong. As he appeared in the very first Captain Barbell serial Pinoy Komiks, —64written by Ravelo and illustrated by Jim Fernandez, Tenteng was a thin, asthmatic young man who was constantly abused by his 4 thuggish half-brothers.

After every bullet point about Captain Marvel, my nephew would say “Wait, that’s Captain Barbell, too! Hello, Jayvee, good to have you. Art by Gilbert Monsanto, courtesy of santomon’s name. His wife, Leah Rhian Ramos died and the main plot involves the sudden appearance of the superhero the five-year time gap between the two series suggests a disappearance of Captain Barbell, probably to attend to his new wife back then. His wife, Leah Rhian Ramos died and the main plot involves the sudden appearance of the superhero the five-year time gap between the two series suggests a disappearance of Captain Barbell, probably to attend to his new wife back then.

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