I was wondering why HJH has not given post interview yet He was even helping her before that find evidence for his brother’s involvement. Yet she could cry easily in front of Rin. San is so extraordinary in kdrama world I can’t stop admiring her. PakalanaPikake September 25, at I saw someone on twitter say that the title said the king loves, not that he will be loved back, which made me snort, coz it’s true.

Dong yi rocks but the end is like very sad wen dong yi meets up with. Won goes on to add that the king is a horrible Go player, and he and his father trade insults until the king finally clucks his tongue at Dan in sympathy. The king is angry that Teacher Lee chose exile when it would have been better for him to stay at the palace to get through to him. I am not a big fan of extensions because the story usually gets spoiled as a result of it – Queen SeoDeok is the perfect example. Perhaps something is wrong with my browser. And San, hearing about this from Rin, eventually began to believe him that he has no romantic interest in her because all that he does in relation to her has something to do with Won. We have little information about her, Most of the information about her was avoided purposely, because her origin low birth class, was considered shameful for Nobles, at difference of Jang hui bin who came from middle class and her family were professionals translators thats why we have more register of her and she had a given name.

I swear I get goosebumps every time I watch this scene. It brings me to the final scene and the feels! Excellent acting as well. Kudos to recappers dra,acrazy commenters for the wonderful insight.

That she was a tomboy who got spisode smashingly with the boys added to her charms. I always thought that the teaser scene was just for promo purposes.

But Rin reminds Won that if he or the king are tied to the anti-Yuan movement, Goryeo will be invaded. Was there a genuine change in fashion in those days or was it for practical reasons in the production team?


No matter how we try to like LYA, we still find that Eugene should be the 1st female lead role and no others for this drama. Linda Palapala September 26, at My respect and admiration for the growth in the acting range of Yoona has grown sky high, and I hope that she continues to explore challenging roles that will widen her acting experience and give us viewers a rich viewing experience as what happened in TKL. But historiographer now agree that although his suffering was caused because dramacrazzy mother atack, his death was probably caused for eating contaminated seafood, as for the symptoms of the illness that cause his death.

I generally oppose extensions and cuts on principle, but I think Dong Yi might benefit from some extra episodes, given the amount of story points they have left to cover.

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Jung In Ki Supporting Cast. Lee Sook Supporting Cast. It’s like I epispde so much to say but it’s coming out in bits and pieces or I feel as if I am gushing all the time and I need to control it. Linda Palapala September 25, at 1: It’s already on it’s 14 episode today and I still want more of it.

Before Rin can ready another arrow, Song In grabs Won and places his dagger against his neck. Kwon Min Supporting Cast.

San is so extraordinary in kdrama world I can’t stop admiring her. Won finally understands what it means to love unselfishly as he tries to save what is precious to him — his father, his country and his friends — even though the personal cost is almost unbearable. Yes, San and Rin were finally free to love each other and share their lives together, but that was all that they had after they left their identities and loved ones behind forever, their last and greatest sacrifice.

San only cried like this out of heartbreak and close to collapsing when her mom ji dad died. He bequeathed a palace residence to her where she was moved when she became ill. On the latter, did anyone noticed that both Won and Rin also had to be saved at certain points?


Best drama this year! Park Ha Sun Supporting Cast. Confucius teaches an ideal way of thinking, behaviours and social interaction with respect to the capacity of oneself my understanding. Min Joon Hyun Supporting Cast. The king wants to know what Won plans to do once the seal is recovered, and is shocked that Won plans to claim responsibility for the call for war. Rin wasn’t “resurrected” after the third day, was he?

Wow thank you for this insight! Lee Jung Hoon Supporting Cast. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast. Greetings from the island of Barbados. Enjoy… she rocks my world!

While a linear view of time epiwode be par for the course in the West, that is not the case in Korea, hence the greater use of flashbacks. If you wanna, you can download it here: Jung Sun Il Supporting Cast. So she was almost invisible between the palace walls. I didn’t see where it was posted that the lead actor in Baker Kings over acts, but that have never been a truer statement.

Episode 40

I wish everyone view the drama the e;isode way he did. A certain percentage of foreign Kdrama dramaxrazy seems to detest flashbacks, but they are actually a very Korean feature of storytelling directly related to non-linear time. She was given the name Sukbin and her son became King Yeongjo who reined for 52 years and was the longest reigning king in Joseon history.

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