DoodleBob erases his nose. Oh ow ow ow ow ow ow ohh oww ow ow ow ow ow ow ow owww!!! But I’m sure glad things are back to normal. We can’t let him go into town! Now all I need is a magic mustache and all my dreams will have come true. Navigation Main Page Random page Recent changes. We’ve got to find him!

Now that’s more like it, Mr. Patrick erases it as the Squidward drawing screams Patrick: Those big, bulgy eyes. This is our chance. He’s putting down the pencil! Can’t we just stay down here where it’s safe? It sure was exciting!

Is it his birthday? What do you want?! Two… SpongeBob and Patrick: DoodleBob laughs at him.

DoodleBob starts renewing his threat with the eraser doodllebob SpongeBob hides on a shelf, and knocks over some papers. The pencil launches back into the boat. I’m sorry, what was that? They run off, laughing.

He was like a son to me. Back Frankendoodle Episode Info Pictures. Those big, bulgy eyes. Now we see SpongeBob and Patrick peek out from the top of the hole, as DoodleBob draws a bowling ball on a rock. Acts like a professor He was doldlebob a two-dimensional creature lost in our three-dimensional aquatic world longing for a purpose.


SpongeBob SquarePants Episode Scripts

SpongeBob, I think your drawing’s coming to life! You are not logged in. Good night magic pencil.

They walk toward the doodle pineapple house, still inside the bush. They run to Squidward’s house where they draw a dollar on Squidward’s green mat, attached to a string laughing This is gonna be classic! All he needs is a tie. Gary has eppisode doodle crown on his head.

I kinda miss the little doodle.

Patrick erases it as the Squidward drawing screams Patrick: It sure was exciting, but you know, I kind of miss the little doodle. Hold it right there, DoodleBob. Ah, the artist at sea. Patrick draws a jellyfish with a frown and waving fist Hey, look!

Later at night SpongeBob is seen making several posh objects in his house with the pencil like a cookoo clock, a posh bed with a canipe, and a grandfather clock SpongeBob: SpongeBob is standing on a drawing of a diving board, Patrick is on the ground below, lying on epjsode back. I was voted most artistic hranscript high school. DoodleBob struggles desperately to get unstuck. It looks like a giant pencil. The mustache has fallen of Squidward’s head Oh, my hair! Done and done DoodleBob’s arm is still alive and inches like a caterpillar.

  RAMAYAN 2008 EPISODE 176-196

DoodleBob’s arm comes in the pineapple, uses the restroom, breaks into the room and grabs the pencil and begins to redraw himself. Squidward’s answering the door and He backs into a bookshelf, loose papers fall out onto the floor. Well, Doodle, it looks like this…is episoxe draw! This is gonna be classic! When it hits him, we see a bunch of pink bowling pins fly in the air, then fall into epksode hole. You’ve made your point, no matter, I was voted most artistic in high school.

What are you doing up? DoodleBob erases his nose My nose.

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This page has been accessed 9, times. I was just going to draw a cartoon. The second most important rule for the artist at sea- Always bring a pencil sharpener.