Dota 2 Store Page. I can’t reproduce either of the two issues. That’s not very practical because it’s not true. No reaction from the UI – it doesnt enter in target-selection mode for the TP scroll. Those 2 issues are what is keeping me from using quick-casting for everything. I’ll use that to look into the deeper causes of what went wrong here, and hopefully head off future issues. To make people use quick cast, is adding a huge obstacle for most players.

Strategy Simple Questions, Simple Answers. This mainly comes to preference. Oh yeah, it also doesn’t work for legacy keys. Note that we count from zero. Also, if you you can’t rank up abilities using the quick-cast keybinding. I’ve been using quickcast for skills and normal cast for items. I honestly could not believe having to play without it now. Or so it seems.

Note also that, if your first keypress had no target, but your second did, it will still count as a self-cast.

Does quickcast really matter to be a better player? : DotA2

Basically I would need to break the implied attack order logic in order to unbreak the shift-queueing logic, and I don’t think that’s auickcast good tradeoff. Ok, I’m retarded and they do in fact work with ‘mirror hero panel’ ticked in both cases.


When I used to edge pan I had speed on max but that depends a lot on your sensitivity so nothing noteworthy here.

It always just feels more secure to cast things manually. Use it with Earth Spirit – and learn to play earth spirit only with quickcast. F4 Take Stash Items: League of Legends has all of this; Dota 2’s implementation should be at least as good.

GO Update for This would be a pretty good time for it to be working. That’s when I realized that he was playing on Regular cast, so I told him that I didn’t click my mouse once and was playing on quick cast.


Also I don’t know if it matters, but I changed from default quickcast hotkeys. I switched gradually though.

There’s nothing in the UI to indicate that they will, but they do if I try them. This one is one of the best options in my opinion.

Quickcast or normal Cast? :: Dota 2 General Discussions

I do sometimes forget to put quickcash mouse over myself with skills I want to self cast on heroes like Warlock or Omni, but getting there. These functions should be separated, as you already suggested. I was under the impression quickcasts would still work, they just wouldn’t be shown on the toolbar?


Let me tell you, the miss-clicks were everywhere. That will always improve your gameplay imo. Iirc it’s in flight for next patch. This mainly comes to preference. Dota 2 General General. Sometimes even before the actual fight starts mostly depending on heroes.

Also the position of a skill on-screen doesn’t correlate with its importance. There’s other things that cause this as well. Son View Profile View Posts.


He asked how I was able dotta click the mouse 4 times right after clicking poof then blink as well. FFGenerations A priority list from you is not as important as the reasons why. But once she arrives, her W will not even go off.

I dont know if this is intentional, but it shouldnt be I’m aware of this problem. It is most likely that quickcast has a speed quuickcast over normal cast. Sorry, had some nonsense bound to shift in the config. It’s less consistent than normal casting, but faster. F2 for buying a TP.