Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Chico infiltrates that prison to make sure Samarin gets out with the rest. The following list showcases the machines seen in the show. The suggestion is that becoming a guerilla fighter is allowing him to grow up but lose much along the way. Secret of the Kero Ball!? They fly in over Kardinal City on glider wings as the ranger unit sets off satchel charges.

Though there is no equivalent cap at the southern pole, the general shape and orientation of the land masses is more geologically plausible in this version. The warden brings in Von Stein to trap the rebels, instead of trying to prevent the rescue altogether. Samarin and Lacoque sign the peace agreement on November 18 and shake hands for the cameras. The last shot of the opening credits sequence is a continuation of the first. Reik conveys a message from Donan to Crin, to pick a path and not regret it. Locke tries to comply but has to break straight through the enemy line.

At the spaceport, Reik is referred to as Captain Boyd. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, 5 is a sound like crickets chirping, another careful inclusion of nature.

The LASF is initially repelled but Zaltsev later rallies, using the Dougram to attack enemy emplacements—screwed into place on high cliffs—from above. The latter does not know his real name.

Malcontents on the Deloyer colony agitate for the independence of their world from the Earth Federation. Nana Yamaguchi as Fina.

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Zaltsev demands to talk to Samarin and plans rpisode make a visit to the spaceport, but epusode breaks out and quickly escalates into an all-out assault.

Von Stein will lead a provisional junta, and will therefore have the Council seat first, but there will no reprisals against the rebel soldiers. At a press conference, Lacoque clarifies his intention to abolish the eighth state and recognize the independence of Deloyer under the DPLG. Dougram in brief This is a summary of Fang of the Sun Dougramepisode by episode.

In the desert, the wreck of the Dougram sits as if in thought, all paint blasted away by fire, sand and wind, ready for an older Canary to find it in the first episode. Nick Creamer has the details. Kazuyuki Sogabe as J Rock.


The two governments now on Deloyer do not recognize one another. The lawsuit was settled, and as a result post-lawsuit Battletech products no longer feature the designs taken from Macross.

The Federation forces retreat when they realize that the guerillas have an operational turbozak. The warden brings in Von Stein to trap the rebels, instead of trying to prevent the rescue altogether. Using pit traps and tanks, the revolutionaries catch and destroy half of the 24th. The mastermind hopes it will lead to the secret humanoid vehicle project.

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The destruction of the plant is somehow predicted to do more damage to this takeover attempt than to the economy of Deloyer, because Neruoda has a parallel plan to build an equivalent plant with Deloyeran funding. Not being fed, he seems genuinely terrified as Canary puts a epiosde to his ear.

Lelouch of the Re;surrection Mobile Suit Gundam: Writtentouched A historian by trade, Samarin tries to make the politician see that his belief in the fundamental equality of Earthlings and Deloyerans is not a valid reason why Deloyer should be a state. Listening to them, Huckle laments that his superiors in the army viewed the outlaws with such contempt. Zaltsev unsuccessfully ambushes the Seven from atop a ravine and Daisy throws away a letter from her mother after reading it.

The following list showcases the machines seen in the show.

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Starting with this episode, there is a minor change in the opening credits sequence. Crin is knocked out and left behind.

Von Stein announces over the Kardinal City PA system that the hostages will be executed in dlugram Deloyer hours, one week after the rising began. They fly in over Kardinal City on glider wings as the ranger unit sets off satchel charges.

Destin informs the resistance men outside the dam that Samarin suggested they go to Dohgram if something like the present setback should occur. The Dougram wrestles the enemy mecha, saving the smaller team. Reik goes unarmed to meet Samarin and the Fang, openly declaring that he opposes violence, and begging Samarin not to enter the nest of corruption at Andy.


Meanwhile, Lacoque episove false information to Carmel, saying there is an overwhelming force already stationed at the port.

Before departure, the rebels attack the spaceport again. He thanks them but does not share in their laughter. In a glade, Samarin explains to the Fang that continuing the armed struggle will only upset the populace.

They converge on the Dougram, captured for study, where Donan is also interrogating a lightly wounded Samarin. The Fang walks into a trap as a result, but fight their way out. Fuyunori Gobu 5 episodes eps 5, 8, 11, 26, All Production Just Sunrise Photography: Daisy goes to see Lartav, who seems to have gotten promoted. Crin plans to fight but Zaltsev—arguing that eougram symbolic value of the Dougram is too high—gives him an Ironfoot instead.

Daisy is introduced to the rudeness of guerilla life: This places Crin in the room when Donan reveals to Reik and the doygram that he has been working with Von Stein against certain Council members who, Donan says, really staged the revolt. Canary epksode scouted the grounds and lays out a battle plan: From their descent of the cliff wall to a railroad track through the canyon, we cut abruptly to a night scene in the desert, with a striking pale blue-and-yellow diagonal across 511 sky: Rocky, himself a recognized local, steps into the fight.

Kaneto Shiozawa as Roil. Some hold portraits of dead loved ones who fought for this.