Babanrao Shivalkar blames MLA for killing his Wife Sunanda and Kid and immensely misses him later he tries to kill himself but Lord Krishna saves him and makes him believe that he is God. Anjaan KD Part – 02 5 years ago. Pathak in the jail and also decides to confess in the court. Part 1 Ep Apr 19, Makhan visits court with a strong evidence. Bhootiya Bungalow Ep Nov 23, Judge fumes in anger as Phukkan releases Daku Subedar Singh.

Pathak to fight her case. Pathak to save him as he has not killed him. Himani’s life was in danger as a Black car was about to crash her but Dilshaad saves her life. Part 1 5 years ago. Pathak tries to collect some information about Dr. Jagtap was killed by 3 pointed candle stand which Maya collected from Father Martin’s church. Kenkre admits in the court that he had given the blueprint to Milind but he has not killed him.

Roller Coaster Par Murder: Part 1

Also, his memory is lost. Just when Daku Lakhori Singh was about to shoot K. Pathak succeed in solving the mysterious case of Witch? Pathak but Varun reveals the truth later, Neeraj reveals that he has a twin Brother who is Suraj Marwa epusode he has tried to purposely trap K. The case of aspiring Actress Bindiya Mhatare continues in the court. Part 1 Ep Jan 11, Pathak observes Varun’s death in his dream. Jaiswal reveals Judge that the Knife that Yash carried in the water belongs to him and Amber Agnihotri’s Wife Sunaina Agnihotri reveals a shocking truth in the court.


Is this man truly ill or is hs disease a cover-up for a heinous crime? Pathak succeed in saving Nalini? First the villagers seek the help of a mystic, but when the haunting prevails, K. Adzalat comes another shock for police as they find a dead body which resembled to the face that had fall from the sky.

Desai, Painter or Girish Gajrekar. Pathak firmly decides to save Nanumal.

Will Varun succeed in solving the puzzle poetry? Pathak prove Jayshree innocent? D gets upset as Driver Raj Singh puts the blame on himself for killing innocent maid Mansi and reveals Mr. A young lady arrives at a boutique for an interview with the boutique owner.

Who killed Suraj Marwa? Pathak that she was not forced to leave her career by her Husband.

Pathak questions the prime witness Manisha in the court who visited the mall. Pathak blames Bhau Datta and Ms. So who is actual murderer? Part 1 Ep May 23, A blackmailer demands Rs. Adamkhor Ped Ep Oct 26, But KD feels otherwise.

Khawab Mein Hatiya – Part 2 5 years ago. The man then sets out to hunt for this killer kite.

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Trupti Sinha reveals Maa Mayanti that her Husband’s death is a mystery and requests her to find out the truth. Watchmen reveals the truth that he saw Anurag running out of the house fully colored in Blood. Will Deepa be proven innocent or guilty? Pathak keeps his facts in front of the judge. Pathak in saving Savitri? Part 2 Ep Mar 16, Pathak to save the girl who will be murdered and also the guy who will be unfortunately in jail because of the murder.


Pathak reads out a letter written by Niyati. Will Vicky be proven innocent or guilty? Behind the clock Rashi’s neighbour Jamal’s name was printed who is Rashi’s lover. Pathak finds pieces of nails in the factory and Rakesh has a habit of biting nails. Who killed Puspesh Kanuja? Pathak that Varun is kidnapped by Pishaach. Pathak tries to prove DCP innocent but a major trouble takes place as, furious Daya forces DCP’s driver to reveal the truth thus he tells court that DCP ordered him to bury a dead body and he escaped from there as he was extremely scared.

One of the Assistants of K. A thief mugs a man and is trying to run away when he discovers the body of a politician in a garbage dump. Will KD accept the case?

Pathak prove Ankush innocent?

Who killed maid Mansi? Mehul’s death occurred due to pastry which was offered by Aarya to Mehul while they were entering the tunnel. Madan knew the secret of each and everyone. Roller Coaster Par Murder – Part – 02 5 years ago. Patel has adawlat set Avni on fire. Villagers doubt on thekedar Nanumal and K.

Furniturewala, the owner of an antique shop. Pathak gets to know about a love triangle.