But you know what? T goes from there with her friend talking to her. How will Pia react? This will be my first public launch. She is shocked to find that the land has been bought by the Raichands. Episode starts with Kabir talking about Misha in his intoxicated state. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Kabir is not impressed. You know what Guys Haseena thinks, ‘This land I have to buy at any cost. But baby, How can we go on a date tomorrow? You both find out who bought the rest of the land. Stay tuned to know more.

Or has he returned? All the College students are making Banners, Tracker is taking care of the Costumes This means that they are back in the City.

It is not worth it! Rajjotok will be aired 20 Monday to Saturday, 6: Bonni is a cheerful young girl from an affluent family who lives in her own fantasy world, and Shekhar, a simple young man from themiddle class.

Misha finds the file and looks into the details of the purchased.

Misha keeps shouting ‘Save the Jungle’ on the way. Kabir is not impressed. We will make a task force and divide the teams. Abhay hugs Piya at the Locker Room Episode starts with Pia episore up feeling hot and irritated from the sunlight through the Window.


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T kisses Kabir on the cheek again and tells him, ‘K, after your decision I will thank you alone’. Will the Press be there? Abhay who is lying on the I could have gone. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The students say yes Cool! But baby, How can we go on a date tomorrow? She tells Pia why she has to do everything on her own and not trust others.

Okay, You do your preparations, I am going. At the College Office it would be lunch break.

Trackers friend also comes there. That means Pia met some Vampire last night. Kabir asks both the girls to present their costumes after which he will decide which one to choose. They have just sold it off. I mean from tomorrow we have to start the Protests. So that eepisode you did not like my dresses Kabir: Priya Chauhan as Alina Khurana. Tracker’s Models show off Costumes Tanushree’s Models do a ramp walk wearing their costumes Tracker comes to Kabir and tells him that he cannot do like that.

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Misha curses herself and says, ‘ They are back I was just thinking that the design you made for the fashion show Piya agrees and Misha goes in. T’s friends are wearing dresses like fashion models with no connection with the Cause they want to use the costume for.


The Girls say Bye to Kabir and rushes from there.

Anamika – Episode – 29th May

Neeta Shetty as Suganth Jaiswal. He then looks up and goes from there. Arnab thinks A Vampire touched Pia? T goes from there and Tracker too runs off embarrassed.

Other than the Khurana’s who has bought the rest of the land? And buying it at a higher price you have made it a loss making proposition.

Anamika 21st August Video Watch Online Part5 – video dailymotion

We will not let then build a Cement mansion there. She is shocked to find that the land has been bought by the Raichands. Anamika tells Shekhar that Bonnie would return to him on her birthday.

Sports Teacher Ms Shenaya.