The series takes off 14 years after the incident, a few weeks before the statute of limitations expires. Although, sometimes it dragged because the issues that happened within the company are kind of hard to follow but still the chemistry between the leads was perfect so I couldn’t stop watching it. The funny characters and the actors’ great chemistry give the series a light and very watchable flavor—it has been described as “X-Files meets Scooby Doo. In other words I want you guys to enjoy Jdramas from the start: Very sad, and there’s no people who wouldn’t cry on it I’ve never watched j-dramas, but I just might now

Glad to hear you got to go! Dragon Zakura revolves around Sakuragi Kenji veteran actor Abe Hiroshi , an ex-motorcycle gang member and a now out-of-work-and-broke but brilliant lawyer who comes up with an idea that he thinks will solve his money problems. Memoirs of a Geisha — Columbia Pictures. Hi, do u know where are buzzer beat and operation love drama shooted? Popular Japanese actress Koyuki plays Tomomi-sensei, Jiro’s love interest. Love story between Halu, smart-mouthed, bad-boy hockey captain with a playboy past, and Aki , an old-fashioned,spunky “good girl” who is still committed to a long distance relationship with a guy who abandoned her. The feels were strong, the innocent love was real and so cute. The bus ride will take about 30 mins.

SO they’re at a kind of festival and theres a stall where Matsuki and another cheerleader is selling ARCS accessories.

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Others might go for gardens, sacred places or onsen. Drama and painful situations ensue when Domyouji’s mom opposes the relationship, but his sister and the F4 take Makino’s side and together, they all take pains to keep the star-crossed lovers together.


Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Thanks for the information. The characters are so much fun to watch.

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Newer Post Older Post Draam. Gokusen spans three seasons and has inspired a lot of young actors. Matsuki kisses Ren to make him feel better comforting him because he was upset about his leg. That was before I moved to Japan and a Japanese friend guided me there. Then, as fate would have it, the two end up falling in love. However, this repetitive formula works, thanks to Nakama Yukie’s charm and hilarious antics.

Its well written ,its charming and just a fun watch.

Tomoya walks Riko off as she plans on going home to practice playing her violin but then they bump into one of Tomoya’s ebat. RomanceSports Tags: There are mysterious underwater ruins that can be explored. My Opinion The three idols give surprisingly excellent performances and the serious story is lightened through the depiction of their con operations, which play out like movies within a movie.

Yamashita Tomohisa Kamiya Naoki. After solving a cult mystery using their combined knowledge and skills, the unlikely duo find themselves teaming up, albeit unwillingly.

Hello, are any recommendation for a historical drama!

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I’ve never watched j-dramas, but I just might now This is used to buzer data on traffic to articles and other pages on our site. Many people asked me about that hotel after my visit in Japan, it seems to be really popular. At the end of the dramathey are completely different people meaningnot in a bad way but in a positive way. Jiro decides to do whatever it takes to race again, including working as a mechanic in his old company. The cases they encounter border on the paranormal and get even more interesting as the series progresses.


Just thinking about this dramaits like someone is squeezing my heart.

The locals are very hyper when you ask them about it. The movie had many different shooting locations obviously, but Hashima Island was definitely one of them. It was surprisingly good: It was restored in and became the first European castle that was restored in Japan.

But let me tell you that they are Japanese dramas that are a Must Watch. On the roof of the little clinic.

Give a chance to “one litre of tears”. Ok I had a lot to say about that last drama, but really if you want to try something new other than Korean then these Jdramas are a really good watch. Riko gets worried and runs to the training camp place to meet him.

Everyone scoffs at him and his crazy proposal, including students at more prestigious schools and Ryuzan’s own faculty and student body. In other words I want you guys to enjoy Jdramas from the start: Suspense, comedy, baffling mysteries, and great chemistry between actors.