They were of three teenagers walking somewhere in winter. Sorry, i drank a shit ton of mountain dew last night and i slept until 2. To understand a social issue as complex as LGBT, having more information will help people make better informed decisions. Michael and Jeremy parted ways, agreeing on making arrangements for their weekend plans that night. Follow us on Twitter GoodComics4Kids. You set me up and you now are going to ruin my life michael:

Does it encompass both school and public libraries? Jeremy dismissed the awkward conversation, and continued to watch the movie. Middleborough High GSA aquaartistcat. See the end of the chapter for more notes. We have seen major social and political change when it comes to LGBT rights in the past five years, and people are charged on both sides of the issue. Libraries are for a diverse population.

Roundtable: Why all the Drama about ‘Drama’?

I think we all, as librarians and critics, believe that people should be exposed to as many ideas as possible, but would you support the inclusion of a book critical of homosexuality in a school or public library collection? School collections are also tied much more to curriculum requirements. I assume it was mentioned in most reviews. Michael showed up 15 minutes later in his usual red hoodie. Jeremy dashed over to the library entrance and caught the door before it closed.

“Drama”: 2014’s Most Banned Gay Book You Haven’t Heard Of

The claims are sometimes comically lame, like the group of elderly Wisconsin residents who in sued for damages after being exposed to the cover of a novel with a queer character at their public library.


Any book that does that should be seen more, not less. Again, I never reported the incident to the ALA office. Jeremy hangs out with the boy. His white headphones were covering his ears, and he wore the same oversized red hoodie that Jeremy had seen him in on Fabfiction at the GSA meet.

In terms of what is collected in each, there are obvious differences in age ranges covered. What Robin and Esther said. A high school library and a public library teen collection will have different titles but share many.

January 21, at Your email address will not be published. March 15, at 1: It is the job of the parents and guardians to decide which of those books are right for their families. Michael rolled his eyes.

God bless his tormented soul. This is a common reason for titles to be challenged: Norwegian’s telgemeir could lead to Minnesota-set TV drama Pingback: Jeremy handed it back, and Michael shot him a text. There is nothing explicit in this book.

“Drama”: ‘s Most Banned Gay Book You Haven’t Heard Of

Jeremy felt good to have a friend for once. They then talked and told stupid stories about their childhoods, which somehow turned into an argument over what pasta is the best. Sorry for the outburst of dysphoria.

Take the money, bro. Michael focused on the scene, seeing Mufasa fall off the cliff, and Simba mourn his death. Recent Comments Brigid Alverson on Interview: It was always a central part of the story, and my editors were supportive from the earliest drafts.


Jeremy raised an eyebrow and smirked. Simply put, a ban is actually taking it off the shelf, and a challenge is a complaint. It was almost 7: To understand a social issue as complex as LGBT, fafniction more information will help people make better informed decisions.

But it was such a non-issue. I cannot believe you. Makes no sense to me if they want them to have comprehension tests to have them start a different book before they finished the book they were rxina.

People have been fussing about the gay characters daina Drama since it was published. All fields are required. Reading levels measure things like sentence length and syllables. Jeremy woke up a 2: I asked the bloggers of Good Comics for Kids to share their expertise on book challenge and their thoughts on why Drama would be considered a controversial book. Including such a book does not automatically mean endorsement.

Whatever a person or a character eventually identifies as is their business. But the effects of censorship can be seriously chilling.