Kim Dong Yoon Supporting Cast. Cos last I checked no subbing group had picked it up, which was an absolute letdown. Oh Thanks Javabeans for the immediate response. Kim Sung Ryung Supporting Cast. Didn’t Sandara Park do a lot of acting in the Phillipines? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Though having watched both of them, this one is better by far.

At one point, his feet get tangled in the brush as he starts to chase one prey, sending him tumbling to the ground. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Episode 6 by Helcat. Acting wise, I agree that Lee Seung Ki should be regretting because this drama would have been a great learning experience. Thanks for the recaps: Thyanks so much for the recaps.

No Young Hak Supporting Cast. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Iljimae Episode 7

So thank you very much!!!! Haha I gues everyone was too distracted by the mention of Sandara Park to notice that you posted up Jisun’s new song? Kim Kwang Sik Supporting Cast.

Does anyone know if any fansubbers are subbing this drama?

I am not a fan,but i wish her well. Wang Hweng-bo takes notice and offers the beggar food and money in exchange for helping him carry his purchases home.

Kim Roe Ha Supporting Cast. But she clarifies, not smithery — the ninja arts.


Kudos to Jung Dramacdazy Woo. I like how this drama makes me feel It was obvious that he was in love with Rie, yet he never did anything to harm Iljimae even when he could have. He perks up at that idea — that sounds mighty good to him.

I got news that she will be having a new koreanovela under the same director of TROI. Javabeans, thank you for your info! K-drama being popular here in the Philippines I’m sure her fan base will look forward to seeing her. By the way, do you have the song they played at the end of the ep 7, 8, 9? Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

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Gu thanks Iljimae for his help, and for sending the beggar to tip him off about the stronghold: I’m loving dramacraay drama so, so much. I never even knew she had already come out with her first album. While the leader complains, Iljimae stealthily takes the land deed from the pile of clothing, then replaces it with a different piece of paper.

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Park Shi Hoo Main Cast. In fact, he seems to have expected a reaction like this. He orders his men to hurry; their time is running out before they need to use the gold to secure their supplies. Anyway, Wang Hweng-bo is trying to build up his legs to walk straight, because his side-twisty shuffle is so distinctive it would get him caught if he were to escape again.


I remember Sandara Park while auditioning for a reality star search here in the Philippines, one of the judges said she has good screen presence and that the camera love her. Good luck to her and I hope to see her in more K-drama. And thank you javabeans for another recap.

She does great work to bring Korean indie bands to an English-speaking audience. Though having watched both of them, this one is better by far. First of all, Jung ll-woo is incredibly pretty in this episode. I agree that this Iljimae is loads better than the SBS version.