Loving you a thousand times- Eun Nim. From start to finish we laughed our heads off and yes, we are completely charmed. Cast – Loving You a Thousand Times. Lee Mi Young Supporting Cast. We naturally like a lot of actresses as a good leading lady is vital for any drama but to pick one out of so many is tricky. This is where Go Eun-nim comes in. Other scenes from dramas that made us so sad:

The unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following: However those damn writers did really well in manipulating our feelings and making us forgive these characters. Jin Ye Sol Supporting Cast. Kim Jin Soo Supporting Cast. KSA is one of those actresses who appears to divide an audience, you either love her or you hate her. This girl is hilarious! Go Eun Nim Lee Soo Kyung is struggling to become a teacher while supporting her poor family and taking care of an ailing father. Sae-hoon’s mother goes to Sun-young and asks that she consider surrogacy as a way of conceiving a child without Sae-hoon’s knowledge.

Can you imagine what will happen when the OTP actually get together?? Seriously, this OTP are awesome together- they bounce off each other so well. Click here to learn more. Tiimes unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following: She played damaged, intense and lonely soooo well.

After almost committing suicide with her brother, she loses her brother!

Loving You a Thousand Times

Just kidding…or are we? This drama made us cry a lot. Meet rramacrazy community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

Seriously, the first 20 episodes of Sons of Sol Pharmacy are comedy gold- so funny! Kim Chung Supporting Cast.

Her antics are irrational, obsessive and manipulative. She happened to fall in love with the only person in the dramacrszy that has multiple lapses in memory and occasionally forgets his name and who his OTP is.


Episode 1 made us laugh, a lot.

We can confidently say we felt 2 was the most apt response. Kil Yong Woo Supporting Cast. The scene that nearly destroyed out tear ducts was a scene with the love rival Eun Sook begging the lobing lady to live after one of his patients passed away from Cancer.

Lee Ddamacrazy Young- where have you been all this time? Our Favourite Girl Next Door: We finished Loving you a thousand Times and all we have to say is: Then there is So Ryong- the leading man of the drama and all round lovely guy.

What do you think? There is a scene in the drama where Eun Soo is so desperate and broken that she takes her brother to high wall and tries to commit suicide with him. She kind of reminds of us of Sandra Bullock in that sense. This site uses cookies. This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat However those damn writers did really well in manipulating our feelings and making us forgive these characters. She was the only thing worth talking about in that that car crash of a drama called Cinderella Timds.

Why this drama is worth watching:.

She played her character with so much sincerity that you really felt for her emotionally despite how outrageous the scenarios became in the drama and believe us when we say they became extreme. Lee Mi Young Supporting Cast. Seriously the characters were rather despicable and needed to be deep fried in one big pot of dirty oil- they were that horrible.


Lee Hwi Hyang Supporting Cast. The other relationship worth mentioning has to be Eun Nim and her oh so sweet father. Loving You a Thousand Times Hangul: You wait and wait for the secrets and lies to be revealed over the course of the drama as the threat of the big revelation is teased more and more.

There are lots of grumbles from other bloggers stating that this drama smells distinctly like Lie to me and all we can say is — we hope not!

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Our Consistently Great Actress: We loved this drama so much. Jin Ye Sol Supporting Cast. She played a character that was brave and strong but at the same time was incredibly vulnerable. Comments 2 Comments Categories Uncategorized. Sometimes you watch long dramas and the lead OTP get rather annoying with all their drama and angst but never do you feel that way about Eun Nim and Kang Ho- they were just a lovely OTP, who were cute and at the same time shared a really heartfelt relationship.

Every scene they shared was so sweet and the writers did really well in showing how much her father cherished his daughter. He abandoned her when she needed him most. How unlucky can you get… Jerry Yan ends up with Ella Chen. Comments Leave a Comment Categories Uncategorized.