August 2, [18]. While on a road trip to a cherry harvest, the Yo-kai No-Go Kart makes Nate’s father confused as to where he’s going. The Love Episode; [19] ” Transcription: Operation Amusement Park” Transcription: While the boys are hanging out together, the daredevil Yo-kai Gnomey tries to make sure the playdate is a success. August 25, [22].

Nate goes out to pick up his family’s Christmas cake but find that the town is once again overrun with Yo-kai. Katie seems to have gained psychic powers, but it is the result of the Yo-kai Espy. Investigation File 3 ‘Meramelion'” Transcription: September 24, [19]. Later, Eddie is possessed by the Yo-kai Enerfly, who annoyingly makes him see the good things in life. December 28, [19]. Komasan happens to enter a coffee shop and meets the girl of his dreams. Cadin woke up from his year-long slumber to go see a Next HarMEOWny concert, only to find out it doesn’t start for another week.

Lesson 5 [19] ” Transcription: After Nate and Whisper return home, they find that Jibanyan has locked himself up in Nate’s room, and Whisper realizes it must be because Jibanyan is possessed by the Yo-kai Hidabat.

Later, with school starting watcn once more, Dandoodle and Kyubi have a battle to see who can make Nate a model. While trying to watch a soccer game on TV, Nate cannot find the remote control because it has been stolen by the Yo-kai Count Zapaway. Nate receives the new Yo-kai Watch Model U prototype, but the Yo-kai Cornfused makes him unimpressed with the new features.

Nate has to find a cure before it’s too late. September 24, [19].

During a park clean up, Nate and his friends get possessed by the Yo-kai Blazion, who makes them unusually fired up about the task. Count Zapaway Mystery” Transcription: Nate and Whisper meet the man-faced dog Yo-kai Manjimutt, who is soon arrested. Meanwhile, Nate and his friends try to have fun at the beach, but the day is plagued by the Yo-kai Roughraff, Swosh, and others.


Later, when Katie is feeling down and won’t say why, Nate uses Tattletell to figure out what she is hiding. Nate enters a game of chance against the gachapon -controlling giant skeleton boss Yo-kai Gutsy Bones.

April 8, [19].

Yo-kai Watch Episode 22

During class cleanup, the proud Yo-kai Pride Shrimp complicates who does what by making Bear and Eddie argue over who gets to mop the room they each want to do it.

Later, the unlucky Yo-kai Chansin causes people to almost, but not quite, win at anything they try. He starts off by visiting an electronics superstore, only to bring home an automated vacuum cleaner a la iRobot Roomba. In the style of Suchoo Twilight ZoneNate’s fear of going to the dentist causes him to have strange hallucinations, only for his cavity to be caused by Count Cavity.

Manjimutt’s barber shop is ruined because everyone thinks he is a dog groomer. Venoct defeats Rubeus J only to hear about a new villain, Mighty Dog, whose description sounds like Komasan.

The Great Dog Escape: July 23, [22]. Komasan soon begins to realize that Komajiro is adapting to city life much faster than he anticipated, even picking up city lingo. To mark the start of the “third season,” the opening theme became “Banzai! February 18, [19]. List of episodes Yo-kai Watch Shadowside.

December 17, [19]. Using the watch, she dkchoo Usapyon, whom she first thinks is ducboo alien, but is disappointed youkao learn he’s a Yo-kai. Komasan and Komajiro get asked to deliver presents for Santa Claus, but are overrun by children’s requests.

On the exploration team, Komasan and Komajiro look for the sea creature “Nessie”. March 11, [19]. The Magic Floor” Transcription: September 1, [22]. When visiting Bear at the hospital, Eddie cannot stop laughing and Nate discovers it is because he is possessed by the laughter inducing Yo-kai Heheheel.


Duchoo – Yo-Kai Watch Wiki

The Yo-kai trio Nosirs are making an exam in class difficult. This is the final episode of Yo-kai Watch. A ninety-minute special featuring the back-to-back broadcasts duchlo episodes andwith sneak peeks at the third Yo-kai Watch movie, to celebrate the release of the Yo-kai Watch 3 video games.

Nate and Whisper discover the Yo-kai Hungramps is at the local convenience store, making people unnaturally hungry. Assault of the Thorny Yo-kai” Transcription: As Nate’s attempts to cool him down fail, more and more people start forgetting about Jibanyan entirely. Nate soon discovers that the Yo-kai Dracunyan is to blame, and has turned the whole town into other Dracunyan. Komasan’s new ideas seem to be stolen by a rival company, leaving the president of Dandai suspicious of who is behind things.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After hearing how making pottery is a popular hobby, Komasan decides to try it out for himself.

Meal 4 Fried Chicken! Whisper and Jibanyan are sent back in time by Kin and Gin to the Sengoku periodwhere Whisper helps Shogun Waitingtona man Whisper had helped in the past but that he cannot remember why he regrets his actions.