On Sunday, Aoba and his friends go to Mikado’s apartment to discuss matters with the Dollars. Shizuo runs to the observation deck and receives the same message. Once there, Mika taunts Namie by referring to her as her sister. However, the girls are surrounded by thugs, who soon retreat after underestimating the strength of the girls. As Anri declines the offer, Haruna prepares to fight. Meanwhile, Vorona is forced to work with Simon Brezhnev and Dennis at Russia Sushi after she was ambushed, and she calls herself weak because she never met anyone as strong as Shizuo before.

Masaomi Kida , who has been living with his girlfriend Saki Mikajima , returns to Ikebukuro to find Shizuo, who flicks Masaomi as closure for getting him shot by the Yellow Scarves before. Mikado analogizes that he wants to sit in a boat at the water’s edge, more or less controlling people’s happiness and misery from the front row. Aoba and his friends take Mikado to an abandoned factory, but this is the site where Vorona and Slon plan to ambush Celty. Celty Sturluson arrives at the apartment and is surprised to see so many familiar faces. Meanwhile, Shizuo continues to chase Izaya, ending up to where Aoba and Chikage are located in the streets. Celty, who is revealed to be transporting the bag referred to her by Izaya, continues to be chased by Toramaru, until she calmly notices Kyohei’s van. At Raira Academy, Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara are each bullied by Tsukiyama, who vandalizes their desks with graffiti, and Aoba rats her out in response. Once Celty leaves, she realizes that Izaya was carrying her head in his bag.

Masaomi is startled when Mikado suddenly points a gun at him. Mikiya informs Akabayashi that the drug dealers are from Raira University, and that their club logo is called Eny Slave, signified by their temporary tattoos.

In the present, Masaomi contacts Izaya and inquires about Mikado’s recent behavior, but Izaya replies by suggesting Masaomi to talk to Mikado himself. Two days ago, Raira Academy has an opening ceremony, where Aoba Kuronuma approaches Mikado at the end of class. After picking on Shizuo for his strength, Kketsu realizes that Akane has a fever.

Retrieved March 28, As Masaomi tries to reason with Mikado, a gunshot is heard. When he goes outside, ietsu uses a stun gun on him. Meanwhile, Vorona is forced to work with Simon Brezhnev and Dennis at Russia Sushi episore she was ambushed, and she calls herself weak because she never met anyone as strong as Shizuo before.

In the present, Yodogiri contacts Kisuke, whose father was killed by Ruri long ago. Izaya turns down Mikado’s proposal to join his side, but Mikado tells Izaya to check the news before hanging up the call. However, Akabayashi later has to tell Mikiya Awakusu that Akane wants to learn self-defense at a dojo called the Rakuei Gym.


Mikado agrees to be the leader of the Blue Squares, but first stabs Aoba in his right hand on a piece of paper to form a contract, in which Mikado demands that Aoba accepts his anger. Yodogiri and Kasane are walking durzrara the parking garage, where the former receives a phone call from Izaya, who somehow causes a car to crash into Yodogiri.


Later, Seiji mentions to Mika that he put two fingers over his lips when he leaned in to kiss Namie. During high school, Shizuo was upset that Shinra introduced him to Izaya, but Shinra mentioned that he would give up anything for the woman he loved.

Anri finds Mikado in an alleyway, and they head to Field No. Izaya first declined the offer, but decided to join after giving it a second thought.

Celty arrives and reluctantly agrees to be the symbol after a previous conversation with Aoba. As Erika arrives at the cafe, she is stoked that Kasane collects cat ear headbands. Masaomi and Chikage go on top of a building, trying to figure out why a bunch of people are crowding around Russia Sushi. However, Chikage initially does not believe Mikado and advises him to live the ordinary life.

Kasane saves Ruri Hijiribe from being hit by a truck driven by Kisuke Adabashi, then drops him off right in front of the police station. Celty confronts Mikado for his reasons behind wanting to purge the Dollars, especially when she believes that Aoba is using Mikado to fight Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves. He remembers receiving a call and being unknowingly stabbed by Jinnai Yodogiri in the city streets, left collapsed on a sidewalk during the previous night, which is later reported on the news, though the culprit remains at large.

Six years ago, Akabayashi was attacked by Sayaka Sonohara under Saika’s control.

Earlier the same day, Manami Mamiya went to see Haruna at her apartment and persuaded her to hand over Episoode head, which Haruna was ordered by Izaya to guard, before they went their separate ways. In the present, Shizuo breaks a steel beam and swings Izaya right out of the area. Vorona dyrarara behind with the other girls, as Shizuo and Tom take care of some business.

Mairu and Kururi pass by, and they happen to attend this dojo, taking Akane inside. Thanks to the laptop’s tracking device, Heaven’s Slave barges into Amphisbaena’s secret location.

Anri durarada outside and is kicked by Kisuke, who goes out and attacks the members of the Blue Squares. Dennis and Kine help Tom barricade Russia Sushi, while Simon provides various firearms for protection.

As Akabayashi durarqra Akane to the Rakuei Gym, an earlier conversation in her bedroom revealed that Akane does not trust anyone including herself, but Akabayashi suggested Akane to toughen herself up to protect herself and her family.


However, Celty emits a shadow trail on the back of Vorona’s motorcycle.

In the parking garage, Kisuke, with a severely burned back, receives a leaked photo of Ruri surrounded episodw men wearing opera masks that Max reported to be a computer virus. He then interrupts the quarrel and wreaks havoc on the leader of the delinquent members, causing the delinquent members to run away.

This ketsi was last edited on 4 Februaryat Little do they know that a far more dominant force is about to enter their struggle for power, one that their friend Anri Sonohara is all too familiar with.

Chikage picks a fight with the Blue Squares durarzra the streets, while Masaomi sees Mikado after hearing his cellphone ring from the roof of the building. Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode 10 Episode 9. Chikage departs after Erika says that Kyohei Kadota was involved in a hit and run and will be waking up from his operation soon. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Vorona is overwhelmed with conflicting thoughts as to why Shizuo has been put in jail. In the present, Akabayashi meets with members of his former crime syndicate in an abandoned durarars, but a Molotov cocktail is thrown inside to trap the members and destroy the warehouse.

Celty, who is revealed to be transporting the bag referred to her drarara Izaya, continues to be chased by Toramaru, until she calmly notices Kyohei’s van.

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu (Durarara!! x2 Ketsu) –

While enjoying his day off on his getaway trip in the countryside with Celty SturlusonShinra Kishitani receives a call from Izaya. Shizuo is released from jail with his charges dropped after his cellmate, who was under the influence of Saika, told him about Celty’s head being brought to the police station for safekeeping.

Anri has noticed a change in the city of Ikebukuro as well as the behavior of Mikado. After Shinra leaves Russia Sushi and evades reporters interrogating duraarara Kasuka and Ruri, time is caught up to when he is trapped in the shadow cocoon, and Haruya Shiki enters his apartment holding a newspaper article dugarara a love scandal between Kasuka and Ruri.

Kasane Kujiragi talks to Nakura, who says that he sold his name to Izaya and received books about folklore in the mail. However, Ruri pounces on Kasuka and attempts to kill him, yet Kasuka shows no reaction.