In fact, she’s plotting to help her lover steal the documents by misleading the Count Ristori: She claims that she bore a child before marriage with the Marquis Beuville, but her mother told her that the boy was born dead. Fabrizio and Elisa are now getting closer and closer, and they’re both falling in love with each other. The Marquis returns to the mansion Beuville, who does not like that Fabrizo is a frequent guest of his wife. This series is followed by a spin-off called La figlia di Elisa — Ritorno a Rivombrosa , which takes place in and focuses Elisa’s daughter Agnese Ristori. Elisa Scalzi 26 episodes, Jane Alexander Then Lucrezia discovers that Isabella did not fulfill its orders and kill her. Anna annoyed when she sees it, and wants to throw it out, but her husband forbids.

For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Lucrezia Van Necker Beauville 20 episodes, Elisa testifies before the court to release Fabrizio, but the judges deny her testimony, as the information reaches them that she is a maid in love with his master. Anna Ristori, Agnese’s daughter, is jealous of the privileged relationship Elisa has with the countess who took her at her service as her lady companion although Elisa was only a maid. Lucrezia and Ranieri make a plan to find the list and to kill Elisa; they decide to help Fabrizio to escape from prison so he can take the list from the hiding place and then they can recover it from him. The man falls down the stairs taking Elisa with him.

Finally, Elisa tells Fabrizio that she is pregnant. Learn more More Like This. Rumors of Elisa’s love affair with Count Fabrizio reach everyone’s ears, including Elisa’s mother’s, who refuses to talk to her. Marquis Maffei, still sick from the poison he took, raves of the conspiracy to Margherita, who goes to Rivombrosa telling what she’s heard.


The girl is a little confused by his request, but still grants his wish, and hides the conspirators’ list between the endpapers of Countess Agnese Ristori’s favourite book. In that moment, the carriage of the marchioness Lucrezia Van Necker, Rivobrosa former waison, arrives and the count tries to make Elisa jealous by flirting with the marchioness in front of her. Meanwhile, Elisa, still in prison, meets the young witch Celeste, who becomes a good friend of hers.


Epusode by the proposal, Elisa firmly refuses. Lucrezia also offers her assistance insidiously. All All HD content Live Elisa is disguised in Clelia, so she goes down from the carriage, and approaches the king. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Add the first question. In order to get closer to Fabrizio she convinces everyone that she is the mother of the boy.

Ana tells Betta that Alvise is sick; then Betta packs his luggage and hurries from Rivombrosa. Betta comes to Rivombrosa apologizing to Alvise.

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. Lucretia takes Martino with her, making him a page to her.

Audible Download Audio Books. Follows the struggle between Fabrizio and Ranieri, and Elisa gives the king the list with conspirators. Initially reluctant abbot van Necker agrees to marry them in the condition, however, that the bride and groom must find the two witnesses for the marriage.

Ekaterina TV Series Elisa with Clelia go to prison, where they manage to release Fabrizio. Capri TV Series Using DrollMotion you can download any riovmbrosa of videos from the Dailymotion to your rivombroea, smart phones, computer in mp4, mp3 formats both in HD episodf SD quality. Ana tells Alvise that she shall move home to Antonio Ceppi; Alvise, being nervous, tries to squeeze her throat, but Ana hit him with a vase bowlthen Alvise falls down.

The King tells Lucrezia that Fabrizio will be executed earlier, than was planning on.

Elisa Di Rivombrosa 1- 25 PART1

Conte Fabrizio Ristori 15 episodes, Now there is nothing left to prevent the marriage of Fabrizio and Elisa. Meanwhile, in Turin, Ranieri try again to force Fabrizio to give him the list of conspirators. Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia.

Her condition is critical. Fabrizio is hurt by the girl’s decision and, feeling like he lost her forever, he decides to leave for Turin with Lucrezia, who offers to help him deliver the documents to the king. Now download videos in all formats from Dailymotion using DrollMotion video downloader. Lucrezia Van Necker Beauville 20 episodes, Elisa and Ana return to Rivombrosa, enter in the chapel, Elisa finds the list and takes the list, then returns to dr.


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Lucrezia find a handkerchief with the blazon elisx initials of Fabrizio Ristori, which was dropped by Elisa, so Lucrezia guessed that the girl is hidden by Clelia in her palace. In this situation, the boy decides to escape from the awning.

In the garden of palace, the two dogs of Ranieri bark against these them.

The shots can be heard throughout the garden, which arouses suspicion of soldiers. Admittedly, the plot isn’t always very plausible, but “Elisa” is a soap opera and doesn’t try to rivombroza the factso the somewhat far-fetched events and over-the-top emotions are entirely forgivable and, indeed, beneficial to the atmosphere and pace of the drama.

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Elisa and Angelo come to the Turin. Fabrizio and Elisa are now getting closer and closer, and they’re both falling in love with each other. After Fabrizio’s attempts with Lucrezia, Elisa decides to accept Angelo’s marriage proposal but still refuses to become the count’s mistress. This approach is perfect for the source content a sentimental novel, after alland results in a thoroughly captivating and creative work. rivkmbrosa

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But Fabrizio saisonn and the court maintained the conviction. Elisa soon realizes she made a mistake and chases him, and the two end up making love. During the confrontation reveals that he worked for the Marquis Beauville and is on the side of good. Because of that, in fact, they can’t get married. The girl is not ready to give up her lover, goes to the awning, to speak with her.