Story Story Writer Forum Community. In strength now I can say we’re equally matched. The Story Behind the Magic by Rosamanelle reviews His voice sounded so demonic and dark, it echoed in my head as my eyes became filled with terror again, this dark shadow was Elsword, He seemed so evil but it was him, He dashed forward at almost the speed of light right through, what the demon called himself, Berthe. I turned back to keep going. Sword Taker-Blade Master Eve:

Eve is beside him drinking tea, Ara looks like she wants to approach someone but she’s too shy to do so and Add is at a corner typing at incredible speed. The 6 of us are like a family you know? Does the genius-Aisha secretly have feelings for the idiot-Elsword? So don’t leave me. This was also the leader of the demons, we had no idea how limitless his powers are. I charged at the beast with all my fury, I unleashed endless slashes at his lower body and climbed up to drag my sword down his body, I jabbed my sword and cornwell into him at rapid speed without mercy. Welcome to Velder HS!

Black blood leaked from his mouth as he panted, He walked movi me and stared down at me, it was intimidating to look at him, so I turned away, he sighed and stood me up with easy. I turned around sharply scowling as I stared at the Cornwell spirit. Dlsword smiled back brightly, I knew he can handle it.

Books are burned and people are brainwashed, leaving Aisha and Chung fugitives in the new world. Aisha you’re a smart girl you should know.

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This was the demon. I could hear strong gusts of wind.


Berthe, your that kid from years ago, I thought I told you to get stronger but it seems you have failed, Now die for your failure! Everyone sweatdropped after they heard the short message given by Glaive ,then they went to their classrooms just like the principal ordered them. Aisha is the unsociable elemental master during the day, and at night she is a mercenary working directly for the Prince.

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She was strong but still her clothing wasn’t actually built for cold weather. I’ll keep smiling too, for you. Usually it would be love at first sight but for these two, it was HATE at first sight.

I took a quick glance at Aisha, worry was veldwr all across her soft features. Proceed to your respective classrooms now. My people, you corrupt my favorite characters. The 6 of us are like a family you know? His eyes, they don’t look human anymore, they’re so dark Focus on character interactions and exploration of the consequences of the job class decisions characters make.

It’s getting awkward in here” Chung whispers to himself elword he was surrounded by quiet people.

Which is obviousy going to be called the Final Year, or Graduation, maybe. In strength now I can say we’re equally matched. Your hair…” I put my hand in his hair tenderly as I noticed a patch of black hair on his side, “part of it turned black, and It grew so long, you grew so much taller, and,” I stared at his body and noticed how lean he had become, I blushed and looked away. Tension is growing between the two until Ara went to calm down Elesis and Elsword dragged Raven away from the gang and asked him, “Are you insane?!


Collaboration and Messing Around 7. Going together with the chicks, you’re pretty awesome bro XD” Chung just facepalmed with Elsword’s comment. But no one wants to be alone. But, behind this seemingly cheerful purplette there lies a secret.

Why does he look so different?! Without anyone knowing, Glaive was looking at them and velser “This class is interesting”, then he vanished. Aisha and Rena are still in their own world talking about magic and stuff, Chung is trapped again in the area of awkwardness created by Eve, Add and Ara, Elesis is reading a book, Raven is elswod the corner of the room sleeping while the other students keep on chatting with each other until their homeroom teacher came, Ariel.

I didn’t want to leave her on her own, but I couldn’t hold on any longer, Aisha I’m sorry. Darkswordsman Kirito Rinkushido Sakubus. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Both sixteen, both arranged to be married.

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She was so happy when she beat me last time we sparred. I never thought that you’re such a guy! Story Story Writer Forum Community. I could see the demon walking up to me. Soon, interest turns into love.

My vision became hazy as I looked around.