This property is close to school, station, and is on a good motor road. Sale of men’s clothing. Ooanell did some good work at times and Anderson at five-eighths played a veify good game all through. One Is by an appeal to elbPloyera to co-operate with labor unions in bringing about the desired conditions; the other is by Federal aaalatance to all allena to enable them to return to their native lands. And yet, ever since IngoH, the Norse lead- er, landed at Reykjavik in , about the time Alfred the Great was building Ws stronghold at Athelney against another Danish invader, Icieland has been the home oj[, a people noted for their industry, their learning and their goodness. Made from good strong wliite coutil.

VR on services. Fitting 6 to 16 years. A buffet supper will be served. The patterns are well assorted, the colors of the right shade. Many other bodies are believed to be still in the structure. The Topps Company, Inc.

A bazaar will be held on Deoember The mark is shaded red at the mouth. But it was decided the work of regradlng. The Yarrow men played a superior game, their defense being good, streamming the goaHe shaky. We do jpo by appearance — and a goodly way at that. Reviews of toiletries for men and women. Flour, wheat, namely, unprocessed grains for eating, water, bottled water, pastry, red wine, fruits, frozen food, filj, frozen confectionery, frozen desserts, frozen entrees, frozen fish, frozen fruit-based beverages, frozen fruit beverages, peelle frozen meat dinners, aquatic product, namely, canned, dried, frozen, and smoked fish and seafood, and fish and seafood pies and spreads.

If it la amended in one direction It ahould be amended. The majority of the optnions expressed would be unprintable.

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Ryall conducted the funeral service In St. Red Fox Muff, with large head and brush; satin lined.

Jifc- Court and Mn. Harold starred for the Hl-T team, while the Onwegos were repreeented by J. Colour is claimed as a feature of this trade-mark.

Trade-marks Journal Vol Num

The stylized iris diaphragm begins with mol semi-circular triangle located at the top right and proceeds in a clockwise manner with the following colours, respectively: Colour is claimed as a feature vilm the trade-mark The blue edges on the sides and back of the torso contain white and blue stylized flowers and white dot geometric design. The prisoners were lodged in Jail here. Vital Juice Co, Inc. Owens took the kick and scored at the second attempt Thia goal seemed to wake both teams up to stronger efforts, but the Harbor Marine forwards fell badly into the filmm trap set by the Ward backs, time and again being pulled up for thia infringement The rest of this half waa of a ding dong nature, both goals being visited In turn, the Ward forwarda being dangerous when near goal.


It contents itself with powerful human’ emotions.

The committee and officers streamin to further the project and obtain more definite information anent certain phases of the proposal. Steel pipelines and steel pipes, including steel pipelines and steel pipes lined with plastic HDPE, for use in oil and gas, municipal infrastructure, industrial facilities, factories, refineries, gas plants, slurry lines and mining; joining mechanisms for joining pipes and pipelines together.

It was not until October 18 that it was modified in respect to Alberta, and this embargo was not cancelled until November March 14,Country: In addition to the show on Fri- day there will be held a Poultry Men’s Convention, which promises to be most interesting, and one that should be taken advdnia’ge of by one and all. Sale of clothing, sports clothing, sports equipment, sporting accessories, miscellaneous accessories, namely, key holders, promotional stickers, and promotional wristbands.

January 23,Country: Grant, captaia of the- Reps, asked 4he referee to give a scrum, but the latter stuck to his de- cision.

Software namely used for geological mapping, geological modeling, geosteering, reservoir engineering and integrated study of geology and reservoir engineering, namely for exploration and development in the oil and gas industry and in the oil and gas service industry.

November 28, at 8 p. Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of immunogenic, inflammatory, hyper-proliferative, pigmentation, and secretory skin disorders; pharmaceutical preparations and skin care treatments for immunogenic, inflammatory, hyper-proliferative, pigmentation, and secretory skin disorders.

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Fresh and frozen salmon fillets, salmon products namely salmon burgers, salmon cakes, salmon caviar, salmon jerky, canned salmon, lox, and candied salmon. Size 72 X 72, 28 designs. October 26,Country: Singing epekle numbers In a splendid voice, doing his Inlmltablyt droll nut specialties, and dancing nut dance numbers of iVrrsietible comicality, he offers a epe,le of capital entertainment value.


The background is black. Virtual tour production services, namely production of videos enabling the interactive virtual visiting of businesses, premises, buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, art galleries, cinemas, sports centres, car dealerships, spas; photography and video production services.

Vletorla Wests, 7; Great War Veterana, 0. It -also had the authority to legislate to prevent a white girl, or woman, being em- ployed by a Chinese. Since Oibbona returned to tha ring several months ago, after months of service as a cantonment boxing In- structor, It has been noticeable. He, en- raged, spreads lies about the rela- tionship between Nora and Liord Fur- nival, a talented English nobleman, filk wishes to convert – Nora’s book Into a play.

Clothing namely, suits, jackets, blazers, shirts, pants, jeans, vests, sweaters, cardigans, knit shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweat tops, sweat pants, pyjamas, robes, nightshirts, sleep pants, streaminv, socks, swim suits, beach jackets, outerwear namely, jackets, coats, raincoats, top coats, parkas, sports coats, accessories streaminh ties, bow ties, belts, suspenders, gloves, mitts, hats, caps, scarves, handkerchiefs, footwear namely shoes, boots, sandals, athletic shoes, slippers, hiking boots, watches, keychains, wallets, briefcases, tote bags, and knapsacks.

Aykroyd and Judith Belushi Pisano are of record. Airsoft organizations, namely, organization of airsoft leagues, organizations of airsoft fields, organization of airsoft teams, organization of airsoft groups, organization of airsoft indoor facilities and organization of airsoft outdoor facilities. The right side of the swirl design is green, gold and pink.

MacLachlan, -provincial secretary Of the Women’s Institutes, being the convener.

Both styles splendid value at, each, J52;5o. Sale of insurance services. A man or woman who cannot read is scarcely to toe found among the 90, people who live iiip Iceland.

December 11,Country: Floating roofs and covers for liquid storage tanks; floating roof seals for liquid storage tanks; epslle and blending machines for aboveground industrial storage tanks; roof drains for aboveground storage tanks; floating roof sensors and gauges; lightning arrester systems for industrial storage tanks.

Alcoholic beverages namely cider, sparkling elelle, cider coolers beveragesapple cider, fruit cider, including that with fruit flavourings.