Episode 3 Episode 3. Tom has written to his cousin in Boston about moving to the United States. He escapes to Downton Abbey without Sybil, and the Crawleys are outraged. Henry calls Mary again. Edith decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute. We have no connection with the show or the network.

Mary becomes suspicious about Marigold’s birth, after hearing a puzzling remark about the child between Cora and Violet. Matthew repairs things when he chooses Branson to be his best man. Nobody Cries At A Joke 14 min The family attend an auction at a neighbouring estate which is being sold to pay off debts. Tom feels uncomfortable amongst all the toffs ; Edna takes advantage by getting him drunk and sneaking into his bedroom afterwards. Edith’s wedding day arrives, but as Edith reaches the altar Strallan changes his mind and calls off the wedding. Mrs Drewe tells her husband to forbid further contact with Edith.

When Thomas tries to expose Baxter to Cora, she rebuffs him. Episode 7 Episode 7. Lord Grantham and Branson dispute the management of the estate and struggle to pay death duties. Dictators, Comics, and Preachers That figure is four times PBS’ typical nightly epguidew and nearly twice the 4. Jimmy is outraged and disgusted; so is Alfred.

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The dowager Lady Violet surprises everyone with a cunning plan, Andy’s secret is threatened, Thomas feels isolated and The Crawleys watch Henry compete in his motor race. For other concerns and corrections, click here.


Mary and Matthew discover they have separately been visiting a London doctor to find out why they have had no children; Mary reveals she has had a small operation, and they now look forward to starting a family. After the party, Mary sees Rose and Jack kissing in the servants’ hall. A Brain In A Jar 18 min The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

They later agree just to be friends.

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Cora blames her husband for the death. Cora has to persuade a nervous Mrs Patmore to exchange their ice-box for a refrigerator. Jerry Seinfeld as Host. The servants are excited by Valentine’s Dayand Mrs Patmore struggles to deal with an electric whisk.

Carson is not happy with Thomas in this episode, Molesley is approached with an interesting proposition, and Lady Mary and Lady Edith both try to put vownton past behind them. Edith announces plans to appoint a woman as editor to her magazine. The Darnleys are forced to sell their ancestral home, and Daisy’s intervention at the Mallerton House auction has disastrous consequences. Retrieved 8 October He escapes to Downton Abbey without Sybil, and the Crawleys are outraged. Edith tells her about her having borne an illegitimate child, Marigold, winning over Mrs Pelham with her honesty.

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Tom remains at Downton with one-year-old Sybbie. Anna makes Mrs Hughes promise to tell no one, including Bates, about the rape, fearing Bates will kill Green and be hanged for it. Abgey plans to spend more time in London and be more hands-on with the magazine.


Downton Abbey Lists of British period drama television series episodes. Molesley and Baxter find the pub where he had lunch on the day in question, proving he was not in London when Green was killed.

Thomas considers desperate measures. Anna is upset at not having had a child.

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Episode 5 Episode 5. Sybil delivers a girl but, during the night, she goes into convulsions and dies. Retrieved 3 January seeason He has a burst ulcer and survives surgery, but Mary tells Tom that the two of them must take over running the estate, as her father must not be stressed further.

Retrieved 4 January Lord Grantham refuses to accept the money, insisting that he and Matthew become joint masters of Downton. A developer wants to build fifty houses near the village, but Robert refuses to sell the land. Edna claims she could be pregnant and wants Tom to marry dowhton.